2013 Top-Layer Trends

Fall fashion is all about layering and the 2013 runways were stacked with hot, top-layer trends.

Pullover picture from www.refinery29.com

Here are our favorites for the season.

One part cozy and one part quirky, the graphic pullover is an ode to the 70s, and we are stoked for its comeback. A graphic pullover is not your average sweater. It has flair in the form of funky designs and cool images. Floral designs and sharp geometrics stand out as leading trends, but don’t forget the ever-popular Aztec patterns. Kittens and Christmas trees, however, are best left for holiday parties. Since it’s a retro trend, try your luck at thrift stores to find a vintage gem.

Fall and cardigans go together like peas and carrots. Grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte and head to the football game in an oversized cardigan—another hot 2013 trend. Extra-long and a little bit baggy, the oversized cardigan is the perfect top layer to any casual outfit. Look for one with a fun accent, like different colored pockets or elbow patches. Pair with your favorite jeans and Converse Chucks to complete the cozy chic look.

For the workplace, get down to business in a tuxedo-style blazer. Sleek, sexy and professional, the tuxedo blazer is an autumn accent that is sure to turn heads. Layer over a fitted dress with tall black booties for the office, or throw over top a graphic white tee and distressed jeans for a casual weekend look.

Fall has an on-again, off-again relationship with military-inspired clothing, and this year, it is definitely on! Runways were once again filled with camo prints and army green. Salute this style with camo anything topped off with camel and olive accents. The headliner for this trend is the baggy camo jacket. For a chic twist, wear it with black stilettos and a sock bun.

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