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Mother-of-the-Bride Trends for 2016

While her wedding day may be one of the most important days in a bride’s life, it is also a very special time for her mother. And as mother of the bride, moms want a dress that will

Dress by Marisa Baratelli

make them look and feel just as special as their daughters.

Gone are the days of boring, understated dresses or suits for the mother of the bride (MOB); today’s trends include dresses with exquisite details, sophisticated silhouettes, and figure-flattering styles. Here are some of the MOB trends that are hot this season:


Lace isn’t just for the bride anymore. New styles for the MOB include dresses with lace overlays that add a touch of romance but still look sophisticated. And lace doesn’t have to be just white or cream—lace in vibrant colors like royal blue or fuchsia make the patterns of the dress really stand out.


Spring into style with pastels! The newest color trends on the bridal runways were shades of pale pinks, mint greens, seafoam blues and pale yellows. Pastels are a beautiful alternative to basic black, especially for a spring wedding.


Neutral shades of champagne, beige, or taupe look elegant and up-to-date and come in various styles and lengths. If you do choose to go with a neutral shade, be sure to try on the dress before buying to see if the shade complements your skin tone. It may take a few tries in different hues to find the right shade for your coloring.

Bateau Necklines

Bateau necklines or “boatneck” style can be very flattering, balancing out the figure. The cut elongates the neck and shows off an elegant collarbone.

Cap Sleeves

If mom doesn’t want to bare all with a sleeveless dress, cap sleeves offer the best of both worlds. They offer some coverage but are a nice alternative to long sleeves, especially for a summer wedding. Cap sleeves on a dress create a look that is elegant and classy.

Sheer Sleeves

Yet another alternative for the MOB who doesn’t want to bare her arms and shoulders is this new trend—dresses with long, sheer sleeves. Sheer sleeves create the illusion of bare arms while still letting the MOB feel covered. These are a great choice for fall or winter weddings.

A-line Skirts

For MOBs that want a shorter, flouncy look, A-line styles are extremely figure-flattering. A fuller skirt hides a multitude of figure flaws and is especially flattering for pear-shaped figures.



Staying Cool at a Hot Summer Wedding

Whew! It’s only May, and the mercury is already creeping awfully close to 90°. But what if you’re one of the millions of people attending—or participating in—a hot summer wedding? We have some tips and tricks to help you keep your cool, whether you’re the bride or a guest.

Tips for the Bride:

As the bride, you have a great deal of control of other people’s comfort. If at all possible, try to have some indoor, air-conditioned space available for you and your guests to cool down; this also gives you an option in case of rain! If there is no indoor option (or even if there is), providing shade for your guests should be a high priority. A tent is always a good option (and again, provides an option in case of rain), or large umbrellas to provide people with a cool area to congregate. Sun shades (also called sun sails) are an attractive option as well. With their variety of shapes and colors, they can add a whimsical or dramatic touch as well as much-needed shade.

To keep yourself cool, see the tips for guests below. A fainting bride can take the fun out the wedding: especially for the bride!

Tips for the Guests

Chances are that if you attend a wedding in the south during the summer, you’re going to be dealing with oppressive heat at some point. Assuming that the wedding couple has been so kind as to provide air-conditioning or shade, your first order of business should be to seek cooler spaces. If you’re able to go back and forth between the cool areas and the hot ones, you’ll keep yourself from getting too overheated.

Otherwise, one of the most important things you can do is remain hydrated. Avoid coffee and (sorry) alcohol, and drink plenty of cold water. Choose pale colors to wear; dark colors absorb the sun and can really raise your temperature.

Many drugstores carry products that can help keep you cool, like purse-sized misters, tiny battery-operated fans, and absorbent powders to combat sweat. A pretty paper fan can be a lovely addition to your outfit, and you can fan yourself like an old-fashioned Southern belle! Expanding on the Southern theme, a parasol can keep you out of the sun and add a delightfully nostalgic air to your outfit.

Southern Wedding Traditions

The South is steeped in tradition and Southern weddings are no exception. From outdoor weddings to seersucker to bridal portraits, even if you don’t live in the South or aren’t Southern-born, you can incorporate some of these traditions to make your wedding extra special.

Here are some of the top Southern wedding traditions:

  • The Charm Pull Cake.This cake can be at the wedding or at a bridal shower.

    Groom’s Cake from

    Charms tied to ribbons are baked into a layer of the cake and before the cake is cut, each bridesmaid picks a charm and pulls. The charm that the bridesmaid chooses is supposed to signify something to come in the future; for example, a bridesmaid who pulls a charm in the shape of an engagement ring is the next to get married.

  • Burying the Bourbon. Burying the bourbon is more of a superstition but a very Southern one! It involves digging a hole and burying a full bottle of bourbon upside down at the wedding ceremony site. Doing so is supposed to ward off rain on the wedding day. After the ceremony, the idea is to dig up the bottle of bourbon and share with your guests. Of course, if you’re not into bourbon, any drink will do. Just make sure it’s sealed tightly and that you don’t forget the spot where you left it!
  • Bridal Portrait Sessions. Southern brides have always donned their wedding gowns before the wedding to sit for a formal bridal portrait. The portrait is then framed and displayed at the wedding reception and later hung in the couple’s new home.
  • Groom’s Cake. Who can forget the bleeding armadillo groom’s cake in “Steel Magnolias”? While not usually quite that unique, a groom’s cake is a Southern tradition that is a gift from the bride to her groom. It’s an opportunity for the bride to get creative and present her groom with a personalized cake that represents something special to him, for example, his favorite sport or sports team, favorite hobby or film. It is usually served at the reception or at the rehearsal dinner.
  • Light-colored Menswear. With Southern weddings usually taking place in the summer and because the South is HOT, it’s no surprise that menswear for Southern weddings leans toward the lighter side. Seersucker or linen is popular, as are light grey or tan suits.
  • Pearls. A true Southern bride is not complete with out a strand of pearls!


February and March Trunk Shows at Nitsa’s

Nitsa’s Charlotte and Winston-Salem locations will be holding several bridal trunk shows over the next month.

Victor Harper Collection

On February 6 and 7 at Nitsa’s Charlotte store, the bridal designs of Victor Harper will be featured. Inspired by the musings of feminine sophistication, elegance, and sensuality, the Victor Harper Collection weaves together glamour, refinement, and drama in perfect silhouettes to mold and flatter the body. The collection offers bridal gowns in an assortment of exclusive fabrics that include silk, satin, Mikado, and organza. Each style is embellished with beading and embroidery patterns that are hand-drawn by the designer and crafted in an array of Austrian crystals, pearls, and trims unique to the Victor Harper Collection.

Marisa Baratelli

Designer Marisa Baratelli’s spring mother-of-the-bride designs will be featured in a trunk show on Feb. 12-16 at Nitsa’s Winston-Salem location and also on Feb. 18-21 at their Charlotte store. For a quarter of a century, Marisa Baratelli has paid tribute to the ancient artisanal craft of silk weaving by maintaining the purity of traditional village methods in the design of timeless women’s fashion. Her custom-made Thai silk mother-of-the-bride gowns are one-of-a-kind.

Romona Keveza

Then on March 6 and 7, Nitsa’s Charlotte store will hold a trunk show featuring designer Romona Keveza. Founded in 1999, Romona Keveza’s signature bridal collection showcases the ultimate in couture workmanship with unparalleled fit. In 2006, Keveza launched LEGENDS Romona Keveza, a diffusion bridal line, which highlights lace and reflects the spirit of icons Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie Kennedy.

For appointments, call 336-725-1999 in Winston-Salem or 704-940-1999 in Charlotte.

Deciphering Holiday Dress Codes

‘Tis the season for endless invitations. There are formal balls, office parties, neighborhood gatherings, church socials, family get-togethers, and more happening during the holidays, and with each invitation comes a specific dress code. Invitations may state “cocktail attire,” “black tie only,” or “business casual.” Or a new trend is “festive attire,” a holiday dress code so vague that guests aren’t sure what to wear!

Here is a handy guide to help you decipher holiday dress codes and find the perfect outfit to wear to all of your holiday gatherings.

Black Tie – This is code for a formal event. Men should wear tuxedos and women should dress in full-length, elegant gowns or shorter formal dresses, but stay away from mini-dresses. If the invitation specifies “Holiday Black Tie,” women might want to wear a great red dress with a beautiful wrap, a beaded bag, and dressy pumps.

Creative Black Tie – This still requires formal dress, but attire can be a little trendier and more fun. Some creative suggestions for women might be dressy black pants with a silky or sequined halter top and fancy heels, a satin ball-gown skirt paired with a bejeweled sweater set, or a modern cocktail dress. Men can go with a more modern tuxedo or a dark suit and a fun tie.

Cocktail Attire/Cocktail Attire Festive – Women can show off their knee-length party dresses paired with sexy sandals or even tailored pants with a silky or beaded top. A little black dress is always a good choice, and then you can add interest with accessories such as heels in a festive color, a faux-fur wrap, or statement jewelry. Men can wear dark-colored pants with a dress shirt and tie.

Festive Attire – Dress for the holidays! Add a bit of holiday color with reds, greens, silver, or gold. Dresses or silk or satin tops with beading or sparkle are perfect for this occasion. Men can add some holiday color with their shirts or even festive ties and dark pants.

Business Casual – Your outfit should communicate professionalism, especially if the event is a workplace function. Women can wear khakis, pants, or a skirt with a dressy T-shirt or sweater. Stay away from anything too revealing such as spaghetti straps or tank tops or super-short mini-skirts. Men should wear slacks or khakis with a collared shirt; ties are optional.

Casual – This typically means anything goes, but still dress with some sense of decorum in mind. Pull out that nice pair of jeans and pair them with a nice shirt or sweater. Make sure shoes for both women and men are nice and clean—leave the sneakers and flip flops at home.

Whatever the dress code, remember you are still going to a holiday party, so dressing festively is completely acceptable and even expected.

Nitsa’s 50th Anniversary Celebration to be Held December 4-6

Nitsa’s will celebrate 50 years with a special in-store celebration on December 4-6, 2014, at their Winston-Salem store.

Visit Nitsa’s anytime throughout the weekend when they will be holding several special sales and promotions as well as exciting prize drawings.

Customers can enjoy classic Greek food such as delicious pastries as well as mimosas and wine. Nitsa’s will offer 30% off all items during the weekend with the exception of a select few pieces and bridal attire. Customers will also receive special goody bags with cosmetics and other surprises.

All customers who make a purchase during the celebration will be entered to win a $500 Nitsa’s shopping spree. Other drawings will also be held for customers who participated in past events such as the October scarf sale and the November jacket sale. These customers will be entered to win a $150 gift card.

Follow Nitsa’s on Facebook and Twitter for more opportunities to win. Facebook fans can share their personal Nitsa’s stories in the “Why are you a fashioNITSA?” contest and be entered to win a $200 Nitsa’s gift card.

Nitsa’s will also be holding flash sales throughout the weekend with up to 50% off, so be sure to follow Nitsa’s for these announcements on social media.

Nitsa's Anniversary Weekend Drawings and Promotions

And remember that through Nov. 29, Nitsa’s is also holding its annual Food for Families sale. Bring in five cans of food or make a $5 donation for the Second Harvest Food Bank of NC and receive 20% off your purchase.

Don’t miss out on Nitsa’s 50th Anniversary Celebration—it’s our way of saying “thank you for a fantastic 50 years!”

Debutante Season: Rules and Rituals

Debutante season is upon us: a time when young women don their white gowns and are presented to society.

The formal debutante ball is usually held right around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, when young women are home from college. These formal events call for a certain etiquette for the debutante, her escorts, her family, and guests.

Dress Code

The proper attire for a debutante is, of course, a white gown with a full skirt. Dresses must be pure white, with no other colors. Off-white or cream is not acceptable. While the dress may be adorned with a few white crystals or lace panels, most debutante ball committees prefer for the dresses to be as plain and traditional as possible.

Choose appropriate accessories to go with the dress. A young debutante should have, at the minimum, a pair of long white gloves and white satin shoes with proper heel height. Proper heel height is determined by the final length of the gown and the height of the debutante.

Guests at the debutante ball should be dressed in their finest formal attire. Women should select a formal gown for the occasion, and men should be dressed in a tuxedo. Black tie is standard.


A debutante ball begins with a grand entrance by the debs. The debutantes are assigned two male escorts who will accompany them into the main ballroom. They will then bring the girls to the front of the room or, in some cases, up onto a stage where they are introduced and must perform a special curtsy known as a Texas Dip. All other attendees are expected to watch the events and applaud when appropriate but otherwise remain silent.

Dinner and Dancing

After the entrances, a formal dinner is held. Proper manners should be used at the dinner table, such as laying the napkin on your lap and placing it on the table when you are finished eating. Take small bites, do not talk with your mouth full, and use the correct silverware for the corresponding course. Speeches may take place after dinner, at which time attendees are expected to stop eating and listen quietly. Once dinner is finished, there is usually dancing for all guests.


Guests are not expected to give gifts to the debutante. However, if guests wish to do something, sending a bouquet of flowers to the young lady’s home prior to the event is most acceptable. Parents or grandparents of the debutante may wish to present their young lady with a keepsake gift, such as a strand of pearls, diamond-stud earrings, or an engraved piece of jewelry—it should be a classic gift that the debutante may wear throughout her life and that commemorates this special event.

Austin Scarlett Bridal Trunk Show

Charlotte residents can see the newest bridal designs from renowned bridal designer Austin Scarlett at a trunk show at Nitsa’s Charlotte location on Sept. 26-27.

Austin Scarlett is a New York designer whose work spans the realms of fashion, theatre, and pop culture. Recognized for his personally glamorous style almost as much as the breathtaking couture fashions he creates, the world of Austin Scarlett is an enchanted combination of grace and romance.

In the Fall of 2012, Austin launched his first complete gown collection under his own label, debuting his signature line at Neiman Marcus’ Flagship store in Dallas, Texas. His collection walked the runway that fall at his inaugural fashion show at New York’s historic Park Avenue Armory. Scarlett says, “A wedding dress is the expression of a woman’s unique beauty at her most treasured moment. I am overjoyed at last to be able to fulfill the dreams of all my beautiful brides!”

Austin Scarlett Bridal Gown

Image from

Austin uses exquisite fabrics including supple satins, sculptural silk failles and mikados, crisp taffetas, flowing chiffons, floating organzas, and ethereal tulle illusions in his bridal designs. The sewing of Austin’s dresses begins only once every detail has been fine-tuned. Every gown is made to order, one by one. Strapless dresses each include a built in corset or bustier, where each and every curve of the wearer’s figure is molded to create a flattering, streamlined contour and feeling of embracing support that can only be achieved through a meticulously structured foundation.

Upon its foundation, the dress is arranged and stitched using a combination of techniques such as French seams, hand stitched drapings, applique, and steam molding.

Inside and out, Austin’s designs display the beauty and technical perfection that is the art of couture.

Game Day Style

In the South, game day is more celebrated than any other event, and dressing up for tailgate is a tradition. Tailgating in the South is very different than anywhere else in the country—nowhere else will you find women sporting their Sunday best and men in button-down shirts and bowties.

College football season is well underway, and whether you’re a collegiate rooting for your school or an alum headed back to your alma mater, here are a few game day style ideas to show your school spirit while still staying chic at the event:

Keep the forecast in mind. In the South, summer can extend far into the fall, so it’s best to pick lightweight fabrics for your game day outfit and rely on layers if the weather gets chillier. Think lightweight sweaters, cardigans, and scarves. You can choose these in team colors to show your team spirit.

Dress it up. Many women at Southern colleges treat football games and tailgating like a fashion show and enjoy dressing up for the occasion. One idea is to wear a pretty A-line dress in one of your team’s colors. Accessorize with a cardigan and belt or a statement necklace.

Show your spirit. Scarves come in all collegiate colors and are an easy and chic way to work some school spirit into your outfit.

Game Day Style

Kick it up a notch. When the weather gets cooler, a great pair of cowboy boots are a staple for women on game day in the South. One of the most common looks you’ll see at football games at Southern colleges are women in mini-dresses paired with cowboy boots. Plus, they are great for the long walks from the parking lots to the stadium over wet or muddy fields.

Mix it up. You can still make team jerseys look stylish. Pair a fitted football shirt with skinny jeans, a long open cardigan sweater, and cowboy boots.

Comfort is key. No matter whether you choose a dress or jeans, keep comfort in mind. You’ll be in this outfit all day from the tailgate party to the game (and maybe to after parties!), so wear something you will be comfortable in. Football games aren’t the time to test out your new stilettos!

Go team!