The SkinCare Boutique @Nitsa’s

Come experience Winston-Salem’s newest destination for luxurious, superior skincare. The SkinCare Boutique @Nitsa’s will be hosting a grand opening event from August 19th to September 7th featuring gifts with purchase of Eminence or Glo Skin Beauty, discounts on services booked, and a raffle to win a $500.00 gift basket of our favorite products.

Bring your friends for refreshments and a free skin consultation or mini makeover on Saturdays, August 24th, August 31st, and September 7th with Shannon Hodges L.E., the SkinCare Boutique’s resident esthetician.

As a beautiful addition to Nitsa’s Apparel, The SkinCare Boutique @ Nitsa’s is an inspirational experience, thanks to the dedication and expertise of manager and lead esthetician, Shannon Hodges.

Located inside the beloved fashion and bridal boutique in Stratford Village, you’ll find Shannon pampering clients in her amazing beauty treatment suite, a soothing space dedicated to facials, waxing, and other beauty treatments.

Shannon, an Aveda-trained expert, researched options but proudly says Eminence Organics literally “checked all the boxes” on her ideal product line wish-list.  Since 1958 Eminence has offered only natural products, free of parabens, animal by-products, harmful colorants, petroleum, and other harsh chemicals. Their products are known for some fabulous fragrances created from hand picked ingredients with a wealth of healing properties, every product in the Eminence line is a consistent client favorite.

As always, Nitsa’s welcomes you to schedule an appointment for a skin care consultation, or a makeover using Glo Skin Beauty.

What is your first line of protection from the sun?

What is your first line of protection from the sun? Almost all of you will answer with the utmost confidence, SUNSCREEN!

However, if you have been keeping up with the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) or Consumer Reports recently regarding sunscreen, you may have changed your tune. Please don’t, because Information is key in such situations, and I am here to tell you that sunscreen is a necessity to protect your skin.

Until recently, sunscreens have not been evaluated by the FDA, but recent concerns from the beauty industry have led to not only researching the active ingredients in sunscreens, but providing more guidelines for what is safe and how they are labeled.

One of the three major chemicals that the FDA has included in their study, oxybenzone, is the most common sunscreen ingredient found in over two thirds of the sunscreens sold in America. Oxybenzone is absorbed by the skin and ends up in the bloodstream when used in accordance with directions. When applied every hour, these chemicals are finding their way into the bloodstream and staying for up to 24 hours. While researchers warn that more testing is needed, oxybenzone has been linked to lower testosterone in adolescent boys, shortened pregnancies, and lower birth weight in newborns. It’s enough to make you question whether or not it is time to switch to a mineral based sunscreen.

Mineral sunscreens work differently than their chemical based counterparts in several ways. First, the minerals used in organic sunscreen are NOT absorbed by the body. Second, the chemicals used in traditional sunscreens act as a converter for the sun’s rays, turning them into heat before damaging the skin, whereas the minerals in organic sunscreen literally stop the sun’s rays in its tracks. Lastly, mineral sunscreens continue to work in the water and while you sweat without causing harm.

With skin cancer being the most diagnosed cancer in the world and the total annual diagnoses outnumbering ALL OTHER CANCERS COMBINED, you have to consider that switching to a mineral sunscreen makes much more sense than not using a sunscreen at all. Melanoma accounts for only 1% of skin cancers, but carries the highest death rate. Did you know that not wearing sunscreen for one day on vacation is the equivalent of visiting a tanning bed twice? For those of us that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, that honestly doesn’t sound so scary. This should alarm you because using an indoor tanning bed before the age of 35 increases your chances of getting melanoma by 57%!

I have recently made the switch to mineral sunscreen for many reasons. At first, it was because my old brand was damaging to the ozone, coral reefs, and boat interiors. We visit the Virgin Islands often, so these were all very important factors for me. Then, I started thinking about how much time and effort I put into deciding which products I use on my face and realized that I should be doing the same for my body. I couldn’t have been more pleased with my decision after my trial run in St. John last week. I normally experience one bad burn during my first exposure to the summer sun, but with the Eminence Vanilla Body Sunscreen, I didn’t even get the smallest hint of pink. I couldn’t believe how much protection the Eminence products provided. There were a few other perks as well. I didn’t get the dry, sticky feeling that my other sunscreen had left on me, and I didn’t break out. Also, I didn’t smell like chemicals, which was a huge plus, and my skin was well moisturized since the mineral based sunscreen doesn’t dissolve with water or sweat. There was no burning sensation when applied and no rash or irritation after a long day in the water.

Eminence Organics released not one, not two, but three new options for healthier sunscreen this year. Eminence has been at the forefront of results driven, organic skincare since its conception in the early 1960’s. I strongly recommend doing your own research on the subject, but in the meantime, stop by and see us at The SkinCare Boutique @ Nitsas and try some of the great mineral sunscreens that we keep in stock all year!
Love yourself,
Licensed Esthetician
The SkinCare Boutique @Nitsa’s



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SkinCare Boutique @Nitsa’s


 Coming soon!

 The SkinCare Boutique @Nitsa’s

 We are proud to announce the upcoming opening of The SkinCare Boutique @Nitsa’s. Body treatments, facials, waxing and makeup application will be provided by our new resident esthetician and SkinCare Boutique (SCB) Manager, Shannon Hodges. Of course, the SCB will continue to offer the current selection of treatment and makeup products for which Nitsa’s is known.  But the really exciting news is that The SkinCare Boutique @Nitsa’s will be Winston-Salem’s exclusive retailer of Eminence Organic Skin Care products and treatments.

Eminence is not only USDA certified organic and safe for those of us with compromised immune systems, but also has been voted by professionals as the #1 Skin Care line nine years in a row. Discover how Eminence’s superior spa products and treatments deliver outstanding results, especially when provided by an exceptional, licensed professional like our Shannon………

Shannon truly is a gifted esthetician who is committed to her craft and is passionate about helping her clients feel and be beautiful.


Hello!  My name is Shannon Hodges and I am excited and proud to be the newest member of the Nitsa’s family. I am a licensed esthetician with

18 years experience in the skin care and makeup industry.  My love for all things beauty motivates me to help you put your best face forward.  So, take the first step towards better skin and call me today at 336.725.1999 or book an appointment online at

Remember, self-care begins with skin care.

Love Yourself, Shannon

Nitsa’s Launches New Resort-Wear Lines

Just in time for those spring break getaways and cruises, Nitsa’s is launching a new resort-wear collection in their Winston-Salem boutique.

Resort-wear lines that Nitsa’s will carry include Persifor, Roberta Roller Rabbit, Barbara Gerwit, HIHO, and Dizzy Lizzie.

Persifor offers bright and whimsical prints in casual dresses, tunics, palazzo pants, and accessories like handbags, totes, and hats. Their machine-washable silky custom fabric features vibrant hues of blues, greens, and citrus. Persifor was founded by Alexandra Thompson, a Parsons New School for Design graduate, who has worked in design for such iconic brands as J. Crew and Lilly Pulitzer before launching her own line.

Roberta Roller Rabbit is a travel-inspired lifestyle brand, offering exotic, sophisticated yet affordable leisurewear and accessories by designer Robert Freymann. Roberta Roller Rabbit is an offshoot of Freymann’s namesake label and was inspired by a fable of a magical rabbit that she found on a piece of discarded fabric in India. All of her pieces are hand-block printed, created and produced by Freymann with artisans in India. Popular prints include monkeys, elephants, and fish and complete the signature whimsical spirit that has become synonymous with the brand.

Barbara Gerwit has designed a resort collection that is made up of hand-blocked, hand-beaded embroidered tunics and tops, and other related accessory items. Casual printed knit dresses and tops have now been added to this growing collection. Her light and airy fabrics are made of brightly colored cotton lawn, cotton Swiss voile, and laundered linen that has been constructed for easy care and washability at affordable prices. Prints include bright florals, pineapples, flamingos, and seashells.

HIHO Clothing is inspired by life in the Caribbean with casual clothing including linen shirts and sweaters, beach dresses, printed cover-ups, and soft cotton t-shirts. HIHO clothing is based on a tropical lifestyle and influenced by the pristine environment of the Caribbean and island life. Clothing is soft, designed to be functional, colorful, and comfortable in a chic island way. The casual, cool, and elegant designs and original prints are the hallmark of the HIHO brand.

With timeless, modern patterns and prints, the Dizzy-Lizzie line is a designer collection for the modern day woman. Founded in 2006 by designer Liz Lighton, these timeless dresses, pants, jackets, and “Tizzie” shirts are redefining the way women dress. Lighton’s passion for prints is shown through every detail in her clothes, such as the ribbon trims, stretched fabric, cuffed sleeves, and inner cotton linings. The collection features dresses, tunics, and tops in bold and colorful stripes, prints, and florals that are perfect for a cruise or a stay at an island resort.

Stop in and see all of these beautiful resort-wear collections at Nitsa’s and get ready for your next vacation or bring a little bit of the islands to the Triad!

Think Spring! Introducing Side Stitch Clothing at Nitsa’s

Spring is almost here, and there’s no better time to update your wardrobe. And with the easy-to-wear and soft-touch pieces from women’s sportswear line Side Stitch, you’ll be Side Stitch clothing is now available at Nitsa's!ready for the warmer days ahead.

Made in Los Angeles, Side Stitch clothing has a fresh California style with casual easy-to-care-for designs. Their Spring 2016 collection is perfect for the woman looking to update her wardrobe for the office, weekend, or night out. Influences from the effortless Southern California lifestyle are injected into the unique, ultra-comfortable designs that include short sleeve button- down tops, high-low hemmed shirts, and flowy lace-up tunics in a variety of bright colors. Relaxed denim and linen shirtdresses offer functional dressing options that can transition easily from office to a night out. Gingham, plaid, polka dot, and stripes add interest to this collection.

Fabric is a key player in Side Stitch designs. They create fabrics with the softest touch possible, and their core denim pieces use a special eco-friendly fabrication.

Side Stitch was created in 2013 and has been mostly carried by Nordstrom. As they expand into a full lifestyle brand with their Spring 2016 line, they are broadening their product assortment and will be featured in boutiques across the country, including Nitsa’s in Winston-Salem.

The collection’s fabrics and silhouettes are so incredibly versatile that styles easily transition from season to season, and thus fit perfectly in today’s changing retail environment which favors the “buy now, wear now” concept.


What is the Perfect Prom Dress for Your Body Type?

Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress

High school prom season is right around the corner, and girls everywhere are starting their search for the perfect prom dress. From long to short, strapless to one-shoulder style, sequins to ruffles, there are lots of different styles of prom dresses to choose from. But how do you find the dress that is right for you?

One of the best ways to narrow down the type of dress in which you’ll look your prom-picture best is to know what style is best for your body type.
Finding the perfect prom dress for your body type

Pear shapes – If you have narrow shoulders, a small chest and waist but are curvier on the bottom through hips, buttocks, and thighs, then you are pear-shaped. Dresses that look best on this figure type are those that are more fitted on the top and have an A-line or fuller skirt.

Apple shapes – If you are fuller on top and tend to carry weight in your mid-section but have slim hips, legs, and a small behind, then you are what is referred to as apple-shaped. Prom dresses with an empire waist will help draw attention away from your middle. Also, a higher waistline means the prom dress may not be as tight in your problem area. If you have nice toned, athletic legs, show them off by choosing shorter prom dresses.

Slender, straight shape – If you have more of a slender, straight up and down shape, you’ll want a dress that will create the illusion of curves. Choose styles that draw attention to your bustline or a dress that bells out at the bottom. Or you might try a dress that draws attention to your waist such as a wrap dress or one with a belt.

Petite – If you are 5’2” or under, you’ll want a prom dress that will create a long line and make you appear taller, but floor-length ball gowns tend to overwhelm a small frame. Go for a shorter dress or one with an asymmetrical hemline. A longer, fitted solid-color prom dress can add the illusion of height as can long ruffles.

Hourglass shape – If you have an hourglass figure, consider yourself lucky! Since your body is well-proportioned, you don’t need to hide anything, and most styles of prom dresses will flatter your figure. If you have a fuller bust, just be sure to choose a dress that offers good support up top.

Whatever dress you chose for your special night, make sure you are comfortable in it. You don’t want to be tugging at a strapless dress all night if it does not fit you correctly or have to worry about a long train getting caught under your heels. Go for a pretty color with some interesting details in a style to fit your body shape, and you are sure to have a memorable prom night!