Cool Clothes for Hot Weather

Hot Weather Fashion

It’s getting hot and that’s even more reason not to lose your cool—especially when it comes to clothes. Here are some summer fashion tips to help you beat the heat without sacrificing style.

Linen is a summertime staple and a must-have for cool style. Its cool-to-the-touch quality and lightly textured feel makes it the perfect fabric for hot days. Men and women
look relaxed and comfortable in linen pants, skirts, and shirts, and the commonly used neutral colors make it a classic look to be used for years to come.

If you’re feeling fancy but don’t want to fret over sweat, snag a hi-low dress. For this style of dress, the fabric is cut shorter in the front and longer in the back. This sexy summer design lets you feel the breeze while showing some leg. The formality of this style is up to you as the length can be formal or informal: Dress it up with tall heels and
jewels, or tone it down with sandals and a chunky necklace.

Hide out from the sun under a floppy sun hat. Always glamorous, the sun hat will keep you summer hats for style and protectioncool as a cucumber and looking like a million bucks. Wear it to the beach, to the park, or to the family cookout. No matter where you go, you’ll be shaded in style. Throw on some big sunglasses to complete the luxurious look.

Too hot to work out? Don’t sweat it! Columbia’s new Omni Freeze Zero collection will have you chilled out on your workout. The high-tech
material is designed to cool when wet, so the more you sweat, the        cooler you get! In addition  to its cooling technology, the material also features Omni-Shade UPF30 sun protection and Omni-Wick to keep you dry. The workout wear comes in a variety of fun colors and styles to fit your exercise needs.

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