Designer Spotlight: Neon Buddha

Nitsa’s is proud to carry women’s sportswear by Neon Buddha, whose slogan is “nirvana neon buddha at nitsasfor your body and soul.”

Neon Buddha started with the idea of producing a lifestyle clothing collection for travel, home, work, yoga, and you. The collection is Canadian-designed and produced and managed by a team of 300 women in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Neon Buddha’s ethical work standards are fundamental and at the forefront of its management strategy.

Neon Buddha was launched in 2006 and features casual cotton-spandex knitwear—T-shirts, jackets, skirts, and pants that also have handmade buttons. Their spring 2015 line features skinny pants and wide-leg pants, bright tunics, colorful cotton jackets, and comfortable dresses and tanks in a color palette featuring 22 different colors.

Neon Buddha’s ethical work standards are fundamental and at the forefront of its management strategy. Also woven into the fabric of the company is a steadfast dedication to sustainable practices.They use green technologies whenever they can and have a new dye house that is 100% pollution-free. Currently, both the Canadian head office and their Chiang Mai facility uses solar power to heat domestic hot water. Extra insulation has also been installed in the buildings to keep the staff cool in Thailand and warm in Canada. All paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal are recycled. At their warehouse in Chiang Mai, dozens of trees have been planted for shade, and green spaces have been created for the staff to enjoy and to offset the company’s carbon foot print.

During the season, any excess fabric is donated to several non-governmental organizations and women’s groups where it is used in income-generating projects.

Neon Buddha’s designs inspire them as members of the global community to give back. One percent of all sales of garments are donated to various projects to make the world a better place.

Visit Nitsa’s Winston-Salem location to find the latest designs by Neon Buddha.



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