Designer Spotlight: Romona Keveza

Luxury designer Romona Keveza is perhaps best known for her collection of ultra-luxe bridal gowns. However it wouldn’t be a stretch for you to think you saw some of her designs on the likes of Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks, Julia Stiles, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Glee’s Lea Michele, as well. Almost overnight, the designer has gone from bridal salons to red carpet—however, it was really the other way around.

The designer of Lithuanian and Canadian descent opened her first store, La Maison, in 1986

Photo Credit: Michael Nagle for The New York Times

with $15,000 of her own money. Three years later, she began focusing more on her own designs when her clients became worried about showing up to galas in the same dress. She wasn’t even thinking about moving into the bridal market, but then came the recession and when a client offered to pay $10,000 for a custom wedding gown, the designer just couldn’t say no. These days, she’s a mainstay in the world of bridal couture.

Hallmarks of a Romona Keveza gown is use of color—she doesn’t shy away from subtle hues in her gown designs—and sleek, structured bodices paired with full skirts that are ruffled, pleated, or bunched. Her signature Romona Keveza Collection is priced as high as $35,000 for a silk organza gown with hand appliqués, while her Legends Collection features an array of bridal options that are moderately priced at $3000 to $5000. Her gowns are stocked not only at bridal salons across the country, including ours, but also in major retailers like Sak’s Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. All her designs are inspired by a timelessness found in eras gone by—think classic Hollywood, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren—dresses that, like those famous Old Hollywood sirens, will still be just as fashionable in 20 years as they are today.


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