Fall 2013 Wedding Colors

With colorful autumn scenery and crisp, refreshing air, it’s no wonder fall is inching its way up the best wedding season ladder. September and October are hosting more and more weddings as outdoor ceremonies and autumn color palettes become increasingly popular. Recently, Pantone released its  Fall, 2013 color trend predictions, and if you’re planning autumn nuptials, you’ll want to check them out here.  To help you decide, we’ve picked out a few of our favorites from the lineup.

Koi – a muted, soft orange

Koi is the Japanese name for an Asian fish that often features a bright orange coloring. Though the fish is very common, the color is anything but mundane and will add the perfect pop to your color scheme. Koi is a great pick for fall, as it will mirror the autumn leaves and pairs beautifully with earthy neutrals and deep, bold tones.

Acai – a deep, elegant purple.

Named after the popular super fruit, the Acai berry, this color imitates the small berry’s dark purple tones. Next to creamy white and candlelight, this color will set a romantic autumnal ambience. Acai often has a hint of maroon, which adds subtle warmth to a crisp fall wedding. Accent with lavender and gold to finish off this enchanting palette.

Emerald – a  robust, rich green.

Already deemed 2013’s Color of the Year, emerald is a popular trend that is starring in elegant weddings everywhere. The deep, bold green is beautiful next to teal, purple, and gold, alluding to an exotic theme. The rich, gem tones will make for a lavish, royal environment. If lavish isn’t your cup of tea, take a more subdued route by pairing the exuberant color with soft peach and matte gold.

The richness of fall’s natural wedding palette also makes it the perfect time of year to embrace neutrals. So if bold tones aren’t exactly your thing, let nature provide the richness, and embrace your neutral tendencies with varying shades of ivory, gold, and blush for a just-as-lovely fall color scheme.


**Emerald color scheme picture from color-www.allureconsulting.com

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