Fall For These Wedding Dress Fabrics

Before you head out to find “the one,” let us help you narrow down some great fabrics for your fall wedding gown.

Light and airy fabrics like tulle and organza are perfect for fall weddings. Their airy weight and translucency allow for many layers, which keep you warm without becoming too heavy. Layering also creates a wispy, romantic look. As you walk down the aisle, the light layers will lift with the breeze creating a flowing, ethereal appearance. These fabrics are most commonly found in full dresses like ball gowns or A-line styles. A current trend is to have the layers end at varying levels of the skirt to create a tiered effect, which adds texture and allows for the fabric to dance and lift as you move.

Allude to old elegance with silk and lace. Easily malleable, silk is a popular wedding fabric for designers as it can be shaped into a variety of dress styles. Silk has a beautiful luster and rich sheen that will make your wedding dress feel and look luxurious. Pair a silk sheath gown with a headdress to mirror a vintage 30s bride.  Lace is often overlaid onto other fabric to create texture and design. Romantic and old-fashioned, lace is an extremely popular fabric, especially for fall and winter weddings. Add a fur muff to either of these styles to get the Old Hollywood look.

Raw silk is an option for the more rustic bride. A bit stiffer with a slightly dull luster, raw silk is not quite as glamorous as her extra-shiny sister. This fabric is great for fall as it will mimic the subdued autumn environment, while still exuding beauty and romance. When thickly draped, raw silk is extremely elegant, yet not overpowering. It is a perfect fit for any environment, but would be stunning outdoors or in candlelight.

Fall and winter are about the only times you can get away with wearing velvet, and done well, it can be exquisite. Velvet is not a chart-topper when it comes to popular bride fabrics, but it holds it own. Best for the outgoing and original bride, velvet will definitely make a statement at your wedding. Its iridescent sheen and soft texture will have you feeling lavish, while its thickness will keep you warm. Velvet would work best in a sleeveless fitted or A-line dress style, and would be most appropriate for nighttime weddings.


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