How to Repurpose those Gowns for Halloween!

Got a closet full of old formal gowns? Here’s how to recycle those dresses into easy and awesome Halloween Costumes.  Find your color; find your costume.


Morticia: from

Morticia (Addams Family) Throw on that long, black evening gown, get out your flat iron and heavily line your eyes. Add in a mustached man constantly kissing your arm for good measure.

Ursula (The Little Mermaid) Get evil like Ursula with a flowing black gown, bright red lips, teal and purple make-up, a gold pendant necklace, and a white pixie-cut wig.



Become this mythical Greek goddess with a green dress of any length, gold and green eye shadow, and crazy curls with a few toy snakes twisted in. Hisssss…

Tinkerbell (Peter Pan)

If you’ve got a short green dress, all you need is a wand, wings, and a pouch full of fairy dust to become this Neverland cutie.


Alice in Wonderland

Top a tea-length, blue dress with a white apron and add a black ribbon to your hair to get this blonde’s look. White stockings and black Mary Janes complete the costume. Top it off with a friend pointing at you and screaming, “Off with her head!” throughout the night.


A blue ball gown, black choker necklace,

and elbow-length white gloves will transform you into this well-loved princess. Don’t forget the clear heels or Prince Charming may not recognize you! Remember, you only have until midnight…


Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

BettyBoop Photo:

No need for a nurse costume here. With fiery, auburn locks and a skin-tight red evening gown, you’ll have the sexiest costume in the room, no doubt. Purple gloves and a cigarette holder finish the irresistible look.

Betty Boop

A black curly wig and a short red cocktail dress are necessary to become this cartooned gal. Throw on some big gold hoop earrings and blow lots of kisses to all the fellas. Boop-Oop-A-Doop!


Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Tell the tale as old as time in a yellow ball gown and elbow-length gloves. Swirl half of your hair into a high bun and let the rest fall to your shoulders. Carry a book, and be sure to waltz with someone in a wolf costume before the night is over.

Chiquita Banana Lady

Wear a yellow dress of any length, and strap a basket full of fruit to the top of your head and waa-laa! (voila) Red lips and a bit of salsa dancing top off this fruity look.


Marilyn Monroe

Curly blond locks, red lips, and her signature beauty mark is all your white tea-length dress needs to turn into this bombshell. Talk in a high, breathy voice and stand near a fan every now and then to strike her famous pose.

Wilma (The Flinstones)

Get prehistoric with a high, red bun, chunky white necklace, and a white cocktail dress. Shoes are discouraged for this costume, but animal print accessories fit right in!


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