Posey-Wham Bridal

We love getting emails and photos like this from our brides!

Jessica and I cannot begin to say thank you enough for the huge part you and all of your wonderful caring staff at Nitsa’s played in making Jessica’s wedding day everything both of us dreamed of!

From Chris picking out the perfect dress once Jessica shared her vision to the alterations to the friendly smiles that greeted all of our bridesmaids and us every time we came by…it was so much fun and stress free.

Every step of this process was guided by Chris’s experienced attention to detail, and we recommend to everyone we know to go visit Nitsa’s when shopping for the perfect wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses.

Michele Posey
Jessica Posey Wham

Nitsas Bridal Posey 2

Nitsas Bridal Posey 3


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