Prom Trends 2014

Prom trends change as often as the teenagers who wear them, and often echo the trends occurring on the runway and on the red carpet. Yet it’s often a challenge for parents to

Photo Source: ASOS via Teen Vogue

help their daughters find something that looks cutting edge, but is still suitable for their event and age. This year, styles are moving away from intricate patterns and beading, and toward more sophisticated structures and colors. A few of our favorite looks for Prom 2014 are lacy, statuesque, on-trend, and somehow still age appropriate.

Lacey But Not-So Racey

Over the last few years, lace has made a huge comeback in the bridal industry, and now we’re seeing this sweet trend for teens. Girly, and glamorous, lace has never looked so lovely. It’s an excellent choice for prom as it’s ladylike in style and coverage, yet allows teens to be a little more grown-up so dads are happy and so are daughters. Try a colored lace to keep it youthful or a high-neck to keep it classy. If you’re looking for a little more edge, a low, lace-covered back can offer the illusion of sophistication your little girl is looking for, yet still keep the coverage appropriate for her age and for the event.

Great Gatsby

While many teens may not retain what they read of The Great Gatsby in class, they’ve certainly nailed the style and tone of the iconic novel’s fashions and are bringing them (back) to life with the season’s prom dresses. Strapless is so last year, and many 2014 dresses feature Grecian-inspired draping, asymmetrical one-shoulder designs, and fabrics that flatter figures instead of overwhelming (or over-sexualizing) them. Color can be a little more muted here, but balance a sophisticated color with a more youthful shape, and vice versa, to make sure your teen looks beautiful but also looks her age.

Photo Source: ASOS via Teen Vogue

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