Say “Yes” to (Selling) the Dress

If you’re an unsentimental bride, your wedding dress may just be one more thing to store after the big day. If you’re not going to preserve it for future use (more details on that in this post), why hold on to it? Give your dress the gift of a second life and a bride the gift of her dream dress by selling yours. Here are your options for getting a little bang back for your big white buck!

Selling online:

Nowadays, selling items online is as easy as one, two, click.  But before you upload it to Ebay or Craigslist, check out your site options to guarantee a great sale. offers free dress listing under their Used Wedding Dresses tab. All you have to do is register (for free!) then upload pictures, a description, and a price! You also have the ability to sell your wedding accessories and bridesmaid dresses.

On, brides can list their dress for a one-time fee ($19.95 standard, $29.95 premium) and enjoy perks like 100% commission and their dress staying online until sold. gives you a more personal selling structure by allowing you to chat directly with the potential buyer. Though it is rated #1 in Google searches, it does come with a higher listing fee ($25) and you’ll have to compete with the almost 20,000 currently listed dresses.

Check out these other great sites for varying selling perks:,, and 


Consignment is a great way to sell your dress without having to pay shipping or a listing fee. Consignment stores sell your items for you and keep a small commission, while you pocket the rest. In some cases, consignment stores will even pay you a price upfront for the dress. To snag the best price, be sure your gown is in good shape. It does not have to be in perfect condition, but noticeable stains, tears or anything that needs to be fixed for the dress to be worn, should be taken care of before presenting it to the consignment store.

Pay it Forward

If neither of the above options quite fit the bill, think about donating your dress. Giving your dress to a charity is a great way to give your dress to a deserving bride, or raise money for a favorite cause.


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