This Summer’s Shoe Trends

Like the rest of your wardrobe, some items will last year after year, bucking trends with their classic designs and worn-in, well-loved fit. Still, every season makes old trends new again, and who doesn’t want their wardrobe to be as on-point as possible? As the saying goes: “Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver, the other is gold.” The same is true for shoes, and stocking up on any one of these summer trends will make you a shoe-in for best dressed this season.

Skater Chic

The past few seasons have been filled with comfort-foot staples like TOMs, Keds, and a plethora of their knock-off counterparts. This season, comfort is still in—just with a little more edge. Whether you’re a true-to-life skater chic, or a fashionista who just wants to look skater chic, this slip-on street shoe is perfect in any form. Keep it simple with a traditional colored canvas, or glam it up with some jewels or a metallic hue. Either way, this versatile shoe should find its way into your summer wardrobe.

Pack Mules

It’s true: Mules haven’t been cool since we were in grade school, and even then, with our limited knowledge of fashion, we questioned their style staying power. However, like most mules, these shoes are stubborn and won’t be left behind while all their other questionable counterparts—like jellies and … —are revitalized. This season’s mules receive a youthful make-over with varying heel heights and styles: From fabulous flats to chunky heels to oh-so-suave stilettos, these backless beauties are one-hit-wonders no longer. Two of our favorites? The Gianvito Rossi Open Toe Mule—have you ever seen a slingback so chic?—and the Jeffery Campbell Curie Mules. These metallic wonders nail two trends this season; wearing them you’ll be a shoe-in for best-dressed, wherever you go.

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