Change is Good…When It Comes to Alterations

French women have a reputation for being relentlessly, terrifyingly chic. Even in jeans and a t-shirt, they often look like they are ready for a trip down the runway. Are French jeans and t-shirts really that much better than their American counterparts, or is something else going on? In fact, there is one secret that French women know, and at Nitsa’s, we know it too; the secret to looking chic is a perfect fit, and the secret to getting a perfect fit is custom tailoring. That’s why we offer on-site alterations at both our stores. As our founder, Nitsa Bambalis, said: “Fashion is one part style and three parts fit.”

When you see photoshoots in magazines or advertisements, the clothes always fit perfectly, right? Wrong—at least not at first. Those clothes have been altered and pinned in place to be as flattering as possible. Even the mannequins in many clothing stores are not immune. If you walk around the back of the mannequin, you’ll likely see that the clothes have been pulled and pinned to eliminate gaps and emphasize shape.

Unfortunately, we can’t walk around with binder clips on the backs of our clothing; that’s why tailoring is so important. Every woman is shaped differently; waists are lower or higher; hips are bigger or smaller, and busts come in all shapes and sizes. To get the perfect fit, buy clothes that fit the largest part of your body, and then have the rest tailored to fit. For instance, if you have wide hips and a narrow waist, most pants and skirts that fit your hips will gap at the waist. Solve this by having the waist taken in with darts, creating a shapely silhouette. If a shirt is too boxy, have the side seams taken in, and add darts to fit your exact contours.

Walk down any street in Paris, and you will likely see at least one tailor. It can be harder to find good alterations in the United States, but when you shop at Nitsa’s, your perfect fit is right inside the store. Our seamstresses have a combined 180 years of experience and an average of 30 years apiece. Let us help you find your perfect fit today!






The Importance of Alterations

Fashion is 3 parts fit and 1 part style…

Rarely do brides—or bridesmaids, or mothers of the bride, for that matter—find a dress Why alterations are importantthat fits them perfectly without having a skilled seamstress make a few nips and tucks. That’s why alterations are key to making sure you look your best on your big day. Our in-house alterations department knows this well: We have over 40 years of alterations experience (read more about our history here) and are accustomed to working with the finest (and sometimes trickiest) fabrics, like silk and leather. That’s why we also offer alteration services to those who have chosen to shop elsewhere. While we obviously hope that you find your dream dress in our shop, our other goal is make sure you have a dress fit for a queen—or, more appropriately, a dress fit for you.

A Few Fitting Tips:

– Bring your dress early, but not too early. The earlier the fitting the higher the risk the dress won’t fit perfectly on the actual day; the later the fitting the higher the risk it won’t be finished on time. At Nitsa’s, we’ll help you create your ideal alterations timeline so ill-fitting, or ill-timing isn’t an issue.

– Bring accessories. By wearing both your undergarments and shoes at your fitting, you’ll make sure that your dress will be perfectly adjusted. Wearing other accessories—your earrings, your veil, etc.—will help you visualize what you’ll look like that day.

– Bring a friend. If possible bring your maid of honor. The final fitting is a great time for her to learn to bustle before the big day, and just generally to learn how your gown works. If you need an extra pair of eyes earlier on, your mom or a close friend is an idea companion for earlier fittings.