To Preserve or Not To Preserve?

That is the question.

Wedding gowns are arguably one of the most cherished symbols of a wedding. A white should you preserve your bridal gown?dress is what makes a bride a bride, and many women don’t want this important piece of the their day to waste away in a closet. However, preserving a gown isn’t cheap, and some brides have more immediate uses for their wedding attire.

There are many reasons brides choose to preserve their gowns. For one, a lot effort goes into finding the perfect gown, not to mention money, so for many brides, it makes sense to spend just a little more and preserve. Some brides dream of one day passing their dress down to a daughter or other family member. Brides also preserve gowns to use the fabric for christening gowns, kerchiefs, or patches to incorporate into others’ dresses, or even to make tablecloths or napkins.

However, some brides like to live in the moment and do not wish to keep their gowns for the future. A recently popular trend is to have a Trash-The-Dress session with a photographer, where brides document the destroying of their gown. Brides have done everything from diving into the ocean and four-wheeling through mud, to playing paintball or having a food fight. Brides who do not want to destroy their gowns—but don’t have a use for them or want to spend the money to preserve them (around $300 for the average gown)—have the option to re-sell their dresses, or to donate them to a good cause.

For the pro-preserve bride, here is what you can expect:

The process of preserving a dress entails much more than simply putting the gown into a box. Gowns go through an in-depth cleaning process, primarily done by hand by a professional preservationist. The dress is surveyed and a cleaning process is chosen depending on the type of fabrics and the type and age of stains. It is recommended that gowns be preserved within six weeks of the wedding to prevent stains from setting.

Dresses are most often treated with a solvent called percholoroethylene (perc) or a petroleum-based solvent. Perc is more aggressive than petroleum-based solutions and is not recommended for some fabrics. Be sure to speak with your cleaner about his process before handing over your dress. The hardest stains to remove are clay and red wine. Keep in mind that some stains may not completely come clean. After cleaning, the gown is put into a specially-sealed box. The box should not be opened until the gown is to be used again, as exposure can nullify the preservation process.

To find a dependable cleaner, ask the boutique staff where you bought your gown; they usually have a great recommendation, or can perform the cleaning in-house.



Autumn Wedding Style

There are so many reasons to love fall—cool weather, falling leaves, cider and pumpkin everything, but above all: fashion. From knits and tights, to boots and scarves, this season is full of fun accessories for everyday and your BIG day. Incorporate some autumn attire into your wedding ensemble for seasonal, chic style.

Boot photo –

Chase away the chill by giving the bridesmaids beautiful shawls that complement their dress colors. There’s elegance in a silk or satin, magnificence in fur or casual, and coziness in a pashmina that can later be used as a scarf. If their dresses cut above the knee, keep them warm in tights. Finish off their fall fashion with booties. Your girls will love you for choosing this ankle-high, on-trend boot. Available in an array of colorful suedes and leathers, there is sure to be a match for your color scheme.

Suit up the boys in a heavier fabric like tweed or wool.  If it’s a bit too warm for a heavy suit, consider a vest.  Dapper and comfortable, vests will offer a stylish detail to your guys’ getups while keeping their cores warm and cozy. Dress boots are a unique take on the groomsmen’s footwear. Fashionable boots like these Allen Edmond Dalton Wing Tip Dress Boots will have the boys excited to get dressed up.

Blazer photo –

Brides, complete your big-day style with a coat. Fitted blazers are a popular trend and can add a splash of personality to your attire. Sleek velvet in dark blue or mustard yellow will be a chic accent as the night falls. Traditional, but often overlooked accessories are gloves.  Choose from a variety of styles, materials, lengths, and details. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn in elbow-length satin beauties, or be cute and casual in short cotton gloves with a bow accent.





Fall For These Wedding Dress Fabrics

Before you head out to find “the one,” let us help you narrow down some great fabrics for your fall wedding gown.

Light and airy fabrics like tulle and organza are perfect for fall weddings. Their airy weight and translucency allow for many layers, which keep you warm without becoming too heavy. Layering also creates a wispy, romantic look. As you walk down the aisle, the light layers will lift with the breeze creating a flowing, ethereal appearance. These fabrics are most commonly found in full dresses like ball gowns or A-line styles. A current trend is to have the layers end at varying levels of the skirt to create a tiered effect, which adds texture and allows for the fabric to dance and lift as you move.

Allude to old elegance with silk and lace. Easily malleable, silk is a popular wedding fabric for designers as it can be shaped into a variety of dress styles. Silk has a beautiful luster and rich sheen that will make your wedding dress feel and look luxurious. Pair a silk sheath gown with a headdress to mirror a vintage 30s bride.  Lace is often overlaid onto other fabric to create texture and design. Romantic and old-fashioned, lace is an extremely popular fabric, especially for fall and winter weddings. Add a fur muff to either of these styles to get the Old Hollywood look.

Raw silk is an option for the more rustic bride. A bit stiffer with a slightly dull luster, raw silk is not quite as glamorous as her extra-shiny sister. This fabric is great for fall as it will mimic the subdued autumn environment, while still exuding beauty and romance. When thickly draped, raw silk is extremely elegant, yet not overpowering. It is a perfect fit for any environment, but would be stunning outdoors or in candlelight.

Fall and winter are about the only times you can get away with wearing velvet, and done well, it can be exquisite. Velvet is not a chart-topper when it comes to popular bride fabrics, but it holds it own. Best for the outgoing and original bride, velvet will definitely make a statement at your wedding. Its iridescent sheen and soft texture will have you feeling lavish, while its thickness will keep you warm. Velvet would work best in a sleeveless fitted or A-line dress style, and would be most appropriate for nighttime weddings.


What to Wear: Mother of the Bride (or Groom)

With all the focus on the bride’s dress, mom’s attire is often left on the back burner. However, make no mistake: The mother of the bride (and mother of the groom) have their dressing the mother of the eventown guidelines and etiquette to follow when picking the perfect dress. Here’s a break down of some dos and don’ts for MOBs and MOGs.

Don’t procrastinate. Finding a great dress can take quite a bit of time, and you don’t want this to be a last minute decision. It is customary for the mother of the bride to find a dress first, and then let the mother of the groom know what she’s picked so as to avoid a fashion faux pas, like matching or clashing. Though this tradition is less common today, it is still respectful and considerate for the moms to communicate about their attire.

In addition, the moms need to communicate with the bride. Before making any decisions, ask her if she has any attire requests. While the bride’s opinion should count toward what you choose, also make sure you are comfortable and happy with the choice.

As for the style of the dress, follow suit with the formality of the wedding. If the wedding takes place at night or the bridesmaids’ dresses are formal, the mothers’ dresses should be formal as well. A long dress with a matching jacket is a popular formal style. If the wedding is more casual, takes place outside, or the bride simply tells you it’s fine, a more casual dress or a pantsuit would be appropriate. It is generally a no-no for mom to wear a low-cut, short, or strapless dress. A wedding is not the place for a sexy mama; you want to be sure all eyes are kept on the bride!

When it comes to color, the bride may have a strong opinion. Many brides like the mothers to coordinate with the wedding colors, while others are strict about them not looking like the wedding party. Check with your bride on this. In most cases, bold, bright colors are to be avoided. Much like a revealing dress would catch guests’ eyes, so would a bright red gown. In addition to bright colors, white, black, and ivory are often on the “don’t” list.  To be on the safe side, choose a dress in a toned-down color like purple, blue, gold, burgundy, or silver hues.

Though these are common dos and don’ts, all weddings and brides are different. Use these tips as guidelines, but be sure to put the bride’s opinion first.


Head Case – Which Veil Best Suits Your Style

Fashionable Wedding Veils

Whether you flip a sheen of tulle, or place a birdcage just so, the moment you put on your veil you truly become a bride. It is the last step before you walk down the aisle, and arguably, the second most significant part of bridal attire (after your dress, of course). Still, a traditional veil is not for every bride. That’s why we’ve compiled a collection of traditional, indie, and contemporary headpieces so no matter how you adorn your head, you will be a beautiful bride.

If you were in awe of Kate Middleton in the Royal Wedding, this is the style for you. Long, romantic and full of elegance, a traditional veil is perfect for the classic bride. The
traditional veil is often made of tulle and its length can vary from Cathedral (extending past the gown) to Fingertip (reaching to your fingertips). The longer style conveys formality and pairs well with night or black-tie weddings. A long veil also calls for a floor-length dress, and traditionally, a more full style, such as a ball gown or A-line shape.

If you can’t stand the idea of hearing the wedding march or having rose petals showering wedding veils to fit your personalitythe aisle, you may be a modern bride. An indie-chic alternative to the traditional veil is a tulle wrap. This “veil” is a large length of tulle tied around headband-style, with the excess falling to one side like a ponytail. Another less common choice is the veil cap. The veil cap completely covers the top of the head in fabric and then falls to the back like a traditional veil. This style sends a vintage message and would best suit a dress with old fashioned flair.

Neither of the above quite tickle your fancy? Well here’s a happy medium between the  traditional and modern bride: A shorter veil, called a blusher, comes right to the chin and offers a less formal option for the semi-traditional bride. If you’re leaning more to the modern end of the spectrum, a birdcage veil is a funky vintage option that allows you to show off your personality with unique appliqués. The birdcage veil is very short, usually reaching only to just below the cheekbone and cradles the side of the face. These more casual styles are best for daytime weddings and form-fitting or tea-length dresses.


Photo: Veil cap from

Trunk Show: Amsale

“Every designer has their signature—a style that’s distinctly and recognizably their own. Mine is ‘understated, confident elegance.’ What does that mean? I think it’s hitting the perfect balance of exquisite simplicity and luxurious restraint.” – Amsale Aberra

Come see the elegant designs of NYC wedding dress designer Amsale (pronounced Ahm-sah’-leh), at our Winston-Salem location, 107 South Stratford Rd., Friday, July 5th through Saturday, July 13. Amsale designs are known for their luxurious fabrics, impeccable craftsmanship, and understated elegance. The designer purposely creates
designs that highlight the bride, not hide her under an overpowering dress. Clean lines and stunning silhouettes let the woman inside the dress shine through.

Amsale Aberra has been designing wedding dresses for over 25 years. She is co-founder of the Amsale Group, which is made up of three distinct, luxury bridal collections: Amsale, Christos, and Kenneth Pool. Her designs are found in superior bridal boutiques around the world and have been worn by stars including Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, and Salma Hayek.

Don’t miss out on your chance to see Amsale’s 2014 Collection. Appointments are strongly recommended, so call today!

Stratford Village
107 South Stratford Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27104
Mon – Fri: 9:30am – 6:00pm
Sat: 9:30am – 5:00pm


Bliss by Monique Lhuillier Trunk Show

4.17-4.20 Winston-Salem

Nitsa’s Apparel of Winston-Salem will be hosting a Monique Lhuillier trunk show this week Monique Lhouillier trunk show in Winston-Salemstarting Wednesday, April 17 and running through Saturday, April 20.  Monique Lhuillier is known for her wedding gowns and dresses worn on the red carpet by celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Eva Longoria, Blake Lively, Zooey Deschanel, and many more.

Monique Lhuillier grew up in the Philippines surrounded by fashion and design and started sketching clothing at the age of 11.  The Monique Lhuillier brand now encompasses a wide range of gowns, dresses, shoes, jewelry, and more.  We’re excited to present you with a trunk show featuring the Bliss wedding gown collection this week.  These delicate gowns are feminine and stylish.   As the designers’ website itself says, “Monique Lhuillier designs capture the essence of sophisticated luxury by provoking femininity, allure, and glamour that have made her renowned in the world of design.”

Call to schedule your appointment today! 336.725.1999


Stratford Village 
107 South Stratford Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27104
Mon – Fri 9:30am – 6:00pm
Sat 9:30am – 5:00pm

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Amsale Trunk Show in Charlotte

We’re having an extra-long Amsale trunk show this week in our Charlotte store! The trunk started last Friday and goes thru Thursday, April 11th.

Amsale was established in 1985 by Amsale Aberra who originally made all her gowns byAmsale trunk show at Nitsa's in Charlottehand and emphasized the importance of fitting brides properly so that they felt comfortable and special.  As the Amsale website states, “the name has become synonymous with exquisite simplicity and luxurious restraint.”

Brides love the classic silhouettes and details of these gowns. We understand how special this time is for a bride, so schedule your appointment today to find “the” dress this week.

Phillips Place
6700 Fairview Road
Suite 113 • Phillips Place
Charlotte, NC 28210
Mon – Sat 10:00am – 6:00pm