Wedding Hair – The Right “Do” For You

On your wedding day, you gotta “do” what’s right for you. Don’t let your hair fall to the hair styles for your wedding dayplanning wayside. Check out these styles to ensure that your locks are ready for love.

Traditional: The classic bride will love the simple elegance of a chignon. The chignon is a low bun pinned at the nape of the neck. Variations of the chignon can feature braids, curls, and decorative barrettes. Another traditional bridal “do” is the french twist.  This style exudes class with its simple twist and slight pouf.

Romantic: A romantic bride loves wisps and curls. The best way to get fairytale elegance is to leave your hair down or half up, half down and let your locks fall where they may. Big curls are key to this enchanting style as are delicately woven-in flowers.  A loose braid can add a touch of romance, while a messy bun or updo is another option for whimsical charm.

Modern: The modern bride will want less curl and more sleek. Wearing hair straight and down with no frills will draw attention to the sure-to-be-trendy dress. A pixie cut is another modern trend that allows the bride to have fun with decorative pins or a unique headband. The sock bun is likely the most popular modern trend. This simple high bun is graceful and chic, perfect for the modern bride.

Indie: For the trendy and relaxed indie bride, a simple flower crown or tulle wrap offers beauty and sophistication with a bit of nonchalance. Wear it atop a quaint bun or let your hair fall naturally. Not too fancy and definitely not gaudy, the fishtail braid is a perfect “do” for the more casual bride. Loose and beautiful, this braid can be adorned with flowers or left to stand alone. Simply going au naturel and leaving your hair up to nature rather than product is another way indie brides can be comfortable and show their unique styles.