Stylish Southern Soirees – 2013 NC Debutante Season

What to look for in a debutante dress?

In the South, there’s a kind of dress shopping that outshines the search for the perfect prom dress: It’s the deb dress, that illustrious white gown that is the epitome of grace and class. Shopping for this dress is tricky, but not impossible. Especially when you know what you should be looking for.

2013 North Carolina Debutante SeasonDebutante balls, or “coming out” parties, began as a young lady’s introduction to society, originally announcing that the young woman was now eligible to marry. The young men that attended were traditionally upper class and part of the young lady’s parents’ approved pool of eligible bachelors.

These days, preteen girls and boys are sent to dancing classes called “cotillion,” to prepare them for the deb ball that comes between ages of 16-19. In both cases, appropriate attire is not only recommended, but expected. White ball gowns and satin or kid gloves are the standard ensemble for young ladies and black tie dress for the young men.

While the mere mention of a white ball gown might suggest wedding dress, the fact is: it can be. Debutante dresses run the gamut from family heirlooms, to custom-made gowns, to off-the-rack ensembles. Don’t let the latter fool you, though. Those off-the-rack dresses, or as we like call them, ready-to-wear-couture gowns, are a more than suitable alternative.

While you’ll want to check with your local organization about dress specifics, traditionally speaking, the gown should be full, classic cut with a slight sleeve, and floor-length. White kid gloves are the perfect pairing for sleeved-gowns, but sleeveless should certainly be accompanied by white elbow-length gloves.

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