How To: Choose Your Perfect Honeymoon

Now that the wedding planning is well underway, it’s time to start making plans for that other much-anticipated nuptial event: the honeymoon. From making a master list to making

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(and not breaking) your budget, follow these easy steps to planning your perfect honeymoon.

  1. Create a master list of all the places you and your spouse-to-be would ever want to go. Fiji, Iceland, Brazil, China, or any location on your Bucket List should make its way onto this list. Having all your travel to-dos in one spot will help keep you both on track during the planning process. Considering the Caribbean, but it’s not on your list? Next. A master list makes it much easier to keep the big picture in mind, and to make sure that you not only have a fabulous trip, but that it knocks off a sight or two at the same time.
  2. Consider what type of trip you want to take for your honeymoon. This last part is key. While I’m sure your master list contains once-in-a-lifetime options, like running with the bulls in Spain or taking an African safari, certain trips may not be suitable for your honeymoon. If you’re planning an over-the-top event, maybe relaxing at a resort in Bora Bora with nothing more to do than walk white sand beaches and sip refreshing cocktails, sounds like heaven on earth. Then again, that may sound more like h-e-l-l…o on earth. Figuring out what type of trip you want to take with your new spouse will help you narrow down that master travel list even more.
  3. Look at your budget. Look at it hard. Five thousand dollars may sound like a lot, but when your dream honeymoon is an over-water bungalow in the middle of Fiji, well, $5000 doesn’t go so far. Hopefully, on your big list, there’s a range of places within your ideal honeymoon parameters. Research those places and figure out which will work best with your budget. Some things to consider here are: time of year, proximity, and trendiness of the location. All of these things can cause your dream location to be in range—or out.