Marisa Baratelli Trunk Show for Mothers of the Event!

Trunk Show Featuring Mother-of-the-Bride and Mother-of-the-Groom Designs by Marisa Baratelli

Mark your calendars for two upcoming trunk shows in September at both Nitsa’s locations featuring Marisa Baratelli for mother of the bride and mother of the groom. Join us at our Charlotte location on Sept. 18-22 or at our Winston-Salem location on Sept. 24-27 to see the latest styles in Marisa Baratelli’s trademark luxurious Thai silk.

For a quarter century, Madeleine Cranfill, CEO and founder of Marisa Baratelli, has paid tribute to the ancient artisanal craft of Thai silk weaving by maintaining the purity of the traditional village methods in the design of timeless women’s fashion.

Marisa Baratelli- Mother of the

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Cranfill felt called upon to uphold the traditions of Thai silk production when she first visited the country three decades ago. She was inspired by the time and dedication each piece of silk required. With her intuitive sense of style combined with a talent for working with color, Cranfill designed her first line of evening separates for a private clientele in Southern California. In just a few years, Marisa Baratelli became one of the top Thai silk fashion companies globally, expanding with a successful line of custom-order blouses and jackets offered in a full range of colors, prints, and plaids, giving the customer a hand at their own color creative impulse and needs. Within each of the 50 collections, you will find luminescent colors that demand attention, create elegant drama, and define glamour.

Marisa Baratelli’s fall 2014 line features special occasion dresses, gowns, and separates in deep jewel tones, classic black, and vibrant prints. Several pieces feature their new hand-embroidered prism effect that adds a unique beauty and interest to each piece.

Don’t let your special occasion creep up on you; visit one of Nitsa’s Marisa Baratelli fall 2014 trunk shows for the perfect match!


Mother of the Bride Duties

In traditional times mothers knew just what was expected of them when their little girls became engaged, and they helped their pride and joys plan and execute all facets of their

mother of the bride duties

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dream day. But for modern MOBs, the lines are sometimes a bit blurred. Sure, new-age brides-to-be are a little more modern in their sensibilities and their expectations, but there are still a few tasks that will never go out of style for mothers of brides.


An average wedding today costs over $25,000 to plan and execute. With this increase in size and style comes an increased need for a wedding planner and designer to make sure the wedding is as smoothly run as it is lovely. While planners take on some of that advisory (and paper-pushing) role that moms used to fill, one thing is for sure: You know your daughter better than anyone, and she’ll still need you to help her make decisions on what would best suit her on her wedding day. You’ll still be part of the process but with all the fun and without all the heavy lifting.


While you may or may not be asked to go dress shopping with your daughter—though you typically would have been part of the dress-finding process—you’ll likely still be asked to help your daughter get dressed on her wedding day. From stepping into her gown, to fastening it, to applying and tying a sash, assisting your daughter as she dresses is a timeless moment and one that continues to be a duty—and an honor—fit only for mothers.


Traditionally MOBs are considered the official hostesses of the wedding day, and act as The Great Unifiers between guests and both families, warmly greeting and meeting and making everyone feel comfortable and welcome. These days this role is still filled by the Mother of the Bride. Whether your daughter decides on a ceremony of 30 or 300, this is still an important part of your daughter’s day and a task that only the mother of the bride can perform so perfectly.



Dressing: Mother of the Bride

Now that your daughter (or soon-to-be daugher-in-law) has her dress and alterations well in hand, you can get down to the business of what you’re wearing on wedding day. Our mother of the bride wedding dressescollection of elegant sophisticated evening dresses and gowns are tailor-made for this occasion. While we have everything you need at Nitsa’s to dress the perfect part, there are a few things that will help you best match your dress to the day.

  • Talk to your daughter to get a sense of the event and the type of attire you’ll need as the M.O.B. You want her to be comfortable with what you’re wearing, but you also need to be at ease. It’s a big day for you, too.
  • Talk to the Mother of the Groom to inform her of your ensemble’s color and formality. While it’s not necessary you dress the same—and probably best that you don’t— keeping length or sleeve style consistent is a good rule of thumb.
  • Find your shade. The best dresses for mothers and mothers-in-law complement their coloring, but don’t clash with the chosen wedding colors. Obviously creams and ivories are off-limits (you don’t want to compete with the bride), but don’t feel as if you need to choose the same hue as the bridesmaids, either.
  •  Ask us. We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dressing clients for special events—after all, we’ve been doing it for 40 years. Tell us all you know, and we’ll happily help you select the perfect dress, one that complements you and the wedding, too, whether that’s short to floor length, cap sleeve to strapless.