Style You Pretty

You adore a trumpet-style dress but what if fit-and-flare doesn’t exactly accentuate your natural shape? Finding the perfect dress isn’t just about what you like, it’s also about what style looks best with your body type. Here’s a few tips to get you started. Once you’re in our store, our knowledgeable stylists can help you find the perfect fit.

Apple – Look for a dress that cinches nicely at the waistline, then flows out into a subtle

Pear shaped figure example

A-line. In addition to cinching, bodices with texture—think ruching or lace—provides structure to your midsection.

Pear – Accentuate your slender upper body with thin straps, a deep V neckline, or fitted bodice; play to your hips and thighs with structured fabrics that won’t cling and billowy skirts (that won’t either).

Straight – If you weren’t born with them, buy them— curves, that is. A ball gown that cinches at the natural waist with a billowy, floor-length skirt can give the illusion of curves.

Curvy – Play up your hourglass shape with a drop-waist or mermaid-style gown. While a sweetheart neckline perfectly mimics your natural shape, avoid plunging necklines that show too much up top.


Ladies Who Lead – Erin Winters

Erin Winters is the East Coast Sales Executive for  High energy,  Erin Winters Nitsa's Ladies Who Leadmotorcycle-riding, and knowledge-hungry, Erin believes in lasting business relationships where loyalty (not just the bottom line) plays a role in decisions.  Her career is a huge part of her life and she truly loves what she does. She’s as comfortable in jeans as she is in a suit, and we loved how this suit fits her and her personality!

One of the greatest influences in her professional career was a former boss, Roy Johnson, who taught her not only business techniques but also the importance of respect and loyalty. She says that “He saw something in me that no one else did, and he always encouraged me to work smarter and, bottom line, be myself.”  He also enforced the idea that employees should always be challenged and treat clients with respect and awareness.

Erin learned a lot from Johnson and still implements these ideals in her own daily work. She makes sure to be aware of what her clients need and acts accordingly to “ensure that the client is presented with a product and service that they can write home about!”  Client relationships are the keystone of her business, which she believes sets her apart in a time when this is often lacking.  Erin says, “I am an extremely loyal person, and when you have clients who continue to come to you for advice and for your business services, then you know that you’ve done something right.”

What if she wasn’t working for MadeToOrder? She’d be a paramedic!  That was her original plan, until, as she says, “life happened,” and she chose a different career path.  However, her hunger for adventure is still satisfied with her position as Sales Executive.  “When a client asks me to ‘find this product’… that’s a challenge to me!  You know how you feel when you’re on a scavenger hunt and you find a clue … that rush of excitement and the satisfaction of ‘yay…I did it?’ That’s how it feels when I find the piece that no one else could!”