Something Borrowed

The wedding tradition, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” represents four items that are tokens of good luck and carry special significance for the bride and her new journey. Originating from a charming Victorian rhyme, these small personal treasures are typically unique to each bride.

The “something borrowed” part of the saying symbolizes borrowed happiness. It relates to a happily married friend or relative, in the hope that her good fortune will be passed on to you. It’s also been suggested that borrowing something means you can rely on your loved ones for support in your new life.

There are so many different things you can incorporate as your “something borrowed” on your wedding day, but often, this is the one that stumps a lot of brides. So get started by first looking to your mother, grandmother, or other female relatives.

The most popular way to incorporate something borrowed is with the bride’s wedding attire. It may be wearing the wedding gown, garter, or veil that your mother or grandmother wore, or a borrowed veil that you use to create something fresh and modern. Another idea is borrowing a piece of jewelry from your mom or grandmother that holds a special significance. For example, maybe she has the earrings or necklace that she wore at her wedding.

Something Borrowed- earrings

Borrowing something from your matron of honor is also a wonderful way to acknowledge your love and friendship for her. Nothing is more touching to a beloved friend than reusing a part of her special day in your very own wedding.

Don’t forget about your dad either. You could borrow one of his handkerchiefs or even one of his ties to wrap around your bouquet.

Get creative! “Something borrowed” doesn’t always have to be something the bride wears or even a tangible object. Using your grandmother’s china at the wedding reception or as wedding decor is another way to incorporate special family memories into your wedding. Or how about dancing to the same song for your first dance that your parents or another couple you admire did?

Whatever you chose for your “something borrowed,” make the most of the tradition by choosing something meaningful to you and your new journey.

You’re Engaged! Now What?

Congratulations! You’re engaged!

Pop the champagne, call your girls, and get the perfect picture of your bling to accompany your “I said ‘yes’!” status.

The beginning of an engagement can be a whirlwind of attention, celebration, and excitement, but after the phone calls and pictures die down, there’s some real planning to be done. It can be hard to put off the more fun and glamorous bridal duties like dress shopping and honeymoon planning, but there are a few to-dos that simply must come first.

The first task is also the most undesirable to tackle: the budget. Every decision you make pertaining to your big day will depend on budget, so it is necessary to get some hard numbers set in the beginning. It is also important to discuss with both families how the wedding will be paid for. Tradition leans towards the bride’s family footing the bill, but in today’s world, anything goes. It is not uncommon for both families to share the cost, for the bride and groom to pay for everything themselves, or for a mixture of all parties to chip in. Have the budget conversation early and include everyone necessary so as to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. It is helpful to have an idea of what big-ticket items you want most. Is the dress the most important to you, or is it the photographer? The florist? Some light research into these items will give you a realistic idea of their cost and help you to distribute the budget accordingly. Remember, always leave a little wiggle room for the unexpected.

After the budget is set, the next major line item is booking the venue. Venues book up quickly, so if you have a place in mind, call them ASAP! Venues can dictate much of your wedding, so be sure to read the fine print when picking a place. First of all, your date is dependent on their availability, so be flexible if you have to have this place. Setting the date for a Friday or Sunday could help you get your dream location and likely at a cheaper price. In addition, booking in the off-season (November-March for most locations) can offer availability and discounts, too.

Secondly, your venue will dictate the number of guests you are allowed to have. Once you find out how many the venue holds, hammer down a guest list. This can be a tough task and feelings can be hurt, so take your time with this decision.

Lastly, many venues require that you use their vendors. For some brides, this is a relief— venue, caterer, florist, and photographer all in one. For others, this hinders plans and locks them into those vendors’ prices. If you already have vendors in mind, be sure to check with your venue about its policy.

If you are choosing your own vendors individually, they are your next step. Like anything good, reputable vendors are booked up quickly. Set your date and lock in your top picks as soon as you can. Be sure to discuss your budget with each of them and get a copy of all contracts on paper.

Now that all of that is done, it’s on to the fun! Grab the girls and head to the boutiques, discuss colors, and cake flavors, and watch your Pinterest wedding board come to life (eek!!), and just have fun and enjoy this exciting time.


Autumn Wedding Style

There are so many reasons to love fall—cool weather, falling leaves, cider and pumpkin everything, but above all: fashion. From knits and tights, to boots and scarves, this season is full of fun accessories for everyday and your BIG day. Incorporate some autumn attire into your wedding ensemble for seasonal, chic style.

Boot photo –

Chase away the chill by giving the bridesmaids beautiful shawls that complement their dress colors. There’s elegance in a silk or satin, magnificence in fur or casual, and coziness in a pashmina that can later be used as a scarf. If their dresses cut above the knee, keep them warm in tights. Finish off their fall fashion with booties. Your girls will love you for choosing this ankle-high, on-trend boot. Available in an array of colorful suedes and leathers, there is sure to be a match for your color scheme.

Suit up the boys in a heavier fabric like tweed or wool.  If it’s a bit too warm for a heavy suit, consider a vest.  Dapper and comfortable, vests will offer a stylish detail to your guys’ getups while keeping their cores warm and cozy. Dress boots are a unique take on the groomsmen’s footwear. Fashionable boots like these Allen Edmond Dalton Wing Tip Dress Boots will have the boys excited to get dressed up.

Blazer photo –

Brides, complete your big-day style with a coat. Fitted blazers are a popular trend and can add a splash of personality to your attire. Sleek velvet in dark blue or mustard yellow will be a chic accent as the night falls. Traditional, but often overlooked accessories are gloves.  Choose from a variety of styles, materials, lengths, and details. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn in elbow-length satin beauties, or be cute and casual in short cotton gloves with a bow accent.





Favor-ites : Five Fun Wedding Favor Ideas

On your wedding day, do your guests a favor by sending them home with a gift that is truly unique and exciting. Wedding favors are a great way to offer guests a small token of your appreciation and send them off with a souvenir from your big day. Here are some of our favor favorites:

Get Local

Whether you’re getting married in your hometown or in a land far, far away, let your guests in on why you love this location. Share with them a bit of local charm through favors that represent what the city is known for. Getting married in New Orleans? Bag up some famous beignets as a take-home dessert. Seaside wedding? Saltwater taffy, of course. Did you and your hubby meet at the local coffee shop? Perk up your guests with a bag of your favorite house-made blend. If you’re not sure what your city is known for, contact the local visitors’ center for some ideas.

Everything Looks Cute in a Jar

A fun and exciting twist on favor packaging is a mason jar. You can put just about anything

Cake in a jar:

in them and they’re easily portable for your guests. For a sweet tooth, layer cake and frosting in the jar and attach a cute spoon with ribbon, or fill it with your favorite small candies, like M&M’s matching your wedding colors. (You can order those here.) On the savory side, fill jars with homemade pickles, peppers, or olives. For a non-food option, pamper guests with a homemade salt scrub, bubble bath or lotion.

Love Grows


Let your guests help your love grow. Giving plants is a great way to go green and give your guests an interactive gift that will remind them of you every time they bloom. Send home packets of your favorite flower seeds, herbs or even veggies. Complete the gift by packaging them in small, decorated pots. If you lack a green thumb, an easy option is a succulent. They require little care and are often sold in mini-sizes, perfect for gift giving.


Drinks on Us

After the birdseed is thrown, keep the party going for your guests by sending them home with your favorite beverages. His and Her pairings are a great way to show off the couples’ personality. Tie together a bottle of his favorite beer and a mini of her favorite wine, or his dark roast coffee with her Earl Grey tea. Make it a set by including a glass or mug in the gift. Hot cocoa mixes, complete with all the fixins, are sure to please the little ones!






Posey-Wham Bridal

We love getting emails and photos like this from our brides!

Jessica and I cannot begin to say thank you enough for the huge part you and all of your wonderful caring staff at Nitsa’s played in making Jessica’s wedding day everything both of us dreamed of!

From Chris picking out the perfect dress once Jessica shared her vision to the alterations to the friendly smiles that greeted all of our bridesmaids and us every time we came by…it was so much fun and stress free.

Every step of this process was guided by Chris’s experienced attention to detail, and we recommend to everyone we know to go visit Nitsa’s when shopping for the perfect wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses.

Michele Posey
Jessica Posey Wham

Nitsas Bridal Posey 2

Nitsas Bridal Posey 3


Fall 2013 Wedding Colors

With colorful autumn scenery and crisp, refreshing air, it’s no wonder fall is inching its way up the best wedding season ladder. September and October are hosting more and more weddings as outdoor ceremonies and autumn color palettes become increasingly popular. Recently, Pantone released its  Fall, 2013 color trend predictions, and if you’re planning autumn nuptials, you’ll want to check them out here.  To help you decide, we’ve picked out a few of our favorites from the lineup.

Koi – a muted, soft orange

Koi is the Japanese name for an Asian fish that often features a bright orange coloring. Though the fish is very common, the color is anything but mundane and will add the perfect pop to your color scheme. Koi is a great pick for fall, as it will mirror the autumn leaves and pairs beautifully with earthy neutrals and deep, bold tones.

Acai – a deep, elegant purple.

Named after the popular super fruit, the Acai berry, this color imitates the small berry’s dark purple tones. Next to creamy white and candlelight, this color will set a romantic autumnal ambience. Acai often has a hint of maroon, which adds subtle warmth to a crisp fall wedding. Accent with lavender and gold to finish off this enchanting palette.

Emerald – a  robust, rich green.

Already deemed 2013’s Color of the Year, emerald is a popular trend that is starring in elegant weddings everywhere. The deep, bold green is beautiful next to teal, purple, and gold, alluding to an exotic theme. The rich, gem tones will make for a lavish, royal environment. If lavish isn’t your cup of tea, take a more subdued route by pairing the exuberant color with soft peach and matte gold.

The richness of fall’s natural wedding palette also makes it the perfect time of year to embrace neutrals. So if bold tones aren’t exactly your thing, let nature provide the richness, and embrace your neutral tendencies with varying shades of ivory, gold, and blush for a just-as-lovely fall color scheme.


**Emerald color scheme picture from

Amsale Trunk Show in Charlotte

We’re having an extra-long Amsale trunk show this week in our Charlotte store! The trunk started last Friday and goes thru Thursday, April 11th.

Amsale was established in 1985 by Amsale Aberra who originally made all her gowns byAmsale trunk show at Nitsa's in Charlottehand and emphasized the importance of fitting brides properly so that they felt comfortable and special.  As the Amsale website states, “the name has become synonymous with exquisite simplicity and luxurious restraint.”

Brides love the classic silhouettes and details of these gowns. We understand how special this time is for a bride, so schedule your appointment today to find “the” dress this week.

Phillips Place
6700 Fairview Road
Suite 113 • Phillips Place
Charlotte, NC 28210
Mon – Sat 10:00am – 6:00pm

We’re Pinning For You!

And if our guess is right, we bet you’re pinning, too. (Follow us, won’t you?)

While we would be remiss not to post images of the bridal gowns we carry, we also know that our customers want more than a pretty picture. That’s why we include the name and designer of each gown, and where applicable, the trunk show or brick-and-mortar store where you’ll find your dream dress. If trunk shows are what you’re interested in, lucky you: We have a board just for those, too.

But as our Pinterest board shows, we’re more than our gowns. We also pin images of some of the ladies’ apparel and accessories, cocktail dresses, and cosmetics that you’ll find alongside our bridal selection. Our Fashionista board is a collaboration of designers you’ll find in our hip, ready-to-wear store by the same name, and our Words that Inspire board is a collection of stylish affirmations.