Wearable Technology and Fashion Tech Accessories

Have you ever seen a picture of the first digital watch/calculator combination? It was huge, bulky, and black, and it sat on the wrist like Darth Vader’s favorite ornament. Wearable technology has come a long way since the 1980s—with beautiful jewelry and accessories masking an array of useful tools. During the intervening decades, the miniaturization of computers has enabled a boom in wearable technology; a 2014 Global Web Index report found that fully 71 percent of Millennials (people aged 16 to 24) were interested in wearable technology. From activity trackers to Bluetooth headsets to fully-functioning computers, this trend seems like it’s here to stay.

The ubiquity of smartphones and tablets has driven an increase in attractive accessories for them. It seems that bracelets and earrings may be optional, but smartwatches and earbuds are not. People’s insistence on accessing their technology at all times has naturally led to a desire to look better doing it; Apple’s white earbuds are fine for jogging, for instance, but they don’t exactly make your officewear pop. And who wants a boring phone case when this two-by-four-inch rectangle provides a perfect blank canvas for self-expression?

At Nitsa’s, we proudly offer products from Triple C, a leader in fashionable wearable technology. Triple C was founded in 2005 with a line of stylish accessories, but they saw the growing trend of wearable technology and switched their focus in 2010. Through their own product line and private-label partnerships with such fashion brands as Kate Spade and Coach, Triple C’s tech accessories make a statement. Be a part of the future with Nitsa’s and Triple C!

Introducing Lyssé and Plenty by Tracy Reese

Attention, all FashioNitsas! Nitsa’s is pleased to announce two of our exciting new fall additions: Lyssé and Plenty by Tracy Reese.


Lyssé, the brainchild of founder Beth Gold Cohen, began with the search for the perfect leggings. Working from the inside out, Lyssé designers created fabrics that are both flexible and flattering—as limitless as the women who wear them. Lyssé uses their patent-pending fabrics, flat-locked seaming, and bias cuts to create beautiful clothes that can go comfortably from day to evening. Come check Nitsa’s new Lyssé line and find out why their motto is “Because when your clothes embrace you with the same passion as you embrace life, there’s nothing you can’t do.”

Plenty by Tracy Reese, launched in 1998, represents the designer’s fun, bohemian side. Inspired by the colors of India and elsewhere, Plenty features bright colors, joyful prints, and flirty styles. Celebrities and industry insiders flock to Reese’s signature detailing, which mixes femininity, nostalgia, and a rock-and-roll sensibility. Visit Nitsa’s to see for yourself why Plenty provides “versatile everyday essentials with effortlessly sexy styling.”

Back-To-School Fashion is for Grown-ups Too

Many FashioNitsas have happy memories of back-to-school clothes shopping: the plaid skirts, the wool sweaters, the durable shoes that would last the year. School’s out permanently for most of us, but that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the fun of back-to-school shopping! Here are some trends that will have you looking forward to back to school fashion isn't just for the kids!Labor Day:

Idea #1: Plaid

Plaid is a classic fall pattern, appearing on skirts, pants, shirts, coats, and accessories. While the classic plaid schoolgirl skirt features pleats, you can add sophistication by choosing a slimming pencil skirt instead. Or add some whimsy with a plaid rain hat or umbrella for the North Carolina autumn rains that are sure to come.

Idea #2: Backpacks

They are not just for kids anymore; just last month, Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes were both seen sporting the traditional nylon carryall that so many students carry. Glam up your backpack with updated designs and style, and enjoy the comfort and ergonomic correctness of carrying heavy items on your back, instead of hanging off your shoulder.

Idea #3: Functional flats

Thank heavens that most schoolgirls don’t wear the four-inch stilettos that the fashionistas on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars wear, and you don’t have to either. Look for loafer-style shoes, but skip the pennies to avoid the mutton-dressed-as-lamb syndrome.

Idea #4: Ribbed knits

As discussed previously, ribbed knits were all over the runway for this fall’s on-trend look. Find it at Nitsa’s and revel in the warmth and comfort!

Idea #5: Find your clique

High school is notorious for its cliques, and while FashioNitsas know better than to exclude others, they can still dress like their preferred tribe. Were you a punk, jock, or prepster? This season’s trends cover the gamut, so come into Nitsa’s to showcase your own personal style!

How to Pull Off an All-White Outfit and Look Fabulous!

It may be one of the hardest looks to pull off: the all-white outfit. Unless you’re a doctor or how to wear an all white outfit and look awesomeresearcher wearing a long white lab jacket, all-white outfits can very easily become FashioNitsa “don’ts.” However, if you follow these tips, you can make the all-white outfit work for you.

  1. Make sure your whites match. This may sound silly; white is white, right? Wrong. Just check out the white paint section at your local hardware store if you think that all whites are the same. White clothes come in a variety of shades (pure white, ivory, cream, winter white, etc.), and your own white clothes may change over time to be slightly different shades from what they once were. If your white shirt is slightly pink or slightly yellow, it doesn’t matter if you wear it with jeans or another color. But if you wear it with other whites that it doesn’t match, it’s distracting.
  2. But feel free to mix up the textures. Try denim on the bottom and chiffon on the top, or a silk skirt with a chunky knit sweater. Playing with texture helps keep an all-white outfit from being too flat.
  3. Pay attention to shape and balance. If you wear something long and flowing on the bottom, pair it with something slim-fitting on top, or vice versa. Too much loose and floaty clothing can look like a set of sheets hung out to dry, while too much tight clothing is rarely appropriate.
  4. Add layers. Another way to add depth to a monochromatic outfit is to complement the different textures with different lengths and layers. Try a long tank top with a short sweater.
  5. Add some color. Wearing all white doesn’t mean that all other colors are forbidden. Use shoes and accessories to provide a surprising pop of color. Adding a bright color like red or yellow provides drama, while adding a neutral like gray or brown provides sophistication.
  6. Don’t forget the bronzer. Since no one wants the skin damage that comes from being in the sun, invest in a high-quality bronzer or fake tan spray. An all-white outfit can make pale skin look washed out.
  7. Have confidence! Like any bold look, the outfit only looks as good as you feel.

Fall Forward: Fashions for Fall 2015

What’s Trending in Fall Fashion?

The mercury may still be in the 90s in North Carolina, but FashioNitsas are always thinking ahead. Fall fashions are already heading to stores, so prepare yourself for the season’s biggest trends.

  1. Capes: Perfect for the mild North Carolina autumn, capes can be an elegant and versatile alternative to coats. Ranging from dressy and dramatic to throwaway chic to downright bohemian, capes offer style and comfort for any outfit from jeans to evening gowns.
  2. Statement Belts: A wide belt can accentuate (or create) an hourglass figure, create a color contrast, or just up the style ante on an outfit. Look for unique details in color, shape, or buckle style. Don’t think belts are only for the model-skinny: a well-designed belt creates a flattering shape for all kinds of body types.
  3. Quirk: Blame filmmaker Wes Anderson for the glut of quirky, Andersonian styles that graced this year’s fashion week. Seventies-style tracksuits and excessively quaint details abounded. Let your funky flag fly with whimsical touches like a striped headband or a pair of granny glasses.
  4. Athleisure: No, this doesn’t mean you can wear your gym clothes out to dinner. Rather, several designers are showcasing styles inspired by athletic wear. Look for sporty details like racing stripes or athletic tailoring. At the same time, more workwear is incorporating athletic fabrics and fits. Work pants that feel like yoga pants? Sign us up!
  5. Fur Accents: As the temperature drops, look for fur—or faux fur—accents everywhere. They’ll be in all the usual places, like collars and cuffs, as well as some unusual places, like pockets and handbags. Just a small touch adds an element of winter luxe to everyday pieces.
  6. Ribbed Knits: A fall classic, ribbed knits were ubiquitous on the runway for the season. Look for traditional sweaters with unique details, like mixed textures or cut-outs. Ribbed knits will also make appearances in dresses, capes, skirts, and accessories.


Introducing Herve Leger!

What do Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Kate Winslet have in common? They all wear designer Herve Leger by Max Azria. And now, thanks to Nitsa’s, this iconic label is available exclusively to Nitsa’s in Charlotte.

BCBG/Max Azria absorbed Paris couturier Herve Leger in 1998 and then spent almost a decade refining the brand’s signature bandage technique. Using materials and styles traditionally associated with foundation garments, the bandage dress shapes and emphasizes the feminine silhouette. Since the brand’s first runway show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York in February 2008, celebrities and fashion-forward women have embraced the glamorous and sensual style of Herve Leger by Max Azria.

Herve Leger by Max Azria’s oft-imitated—but never truly replicated—bandage dress has spawned a movement of body-conscious (bodycon) apparel over the past eight years, but for the true style setter, only the original will do. Wearing Herve Leger by Max Azria sends a strong message: “I am a powerful, dynamic woman. I recognize that strength and sensuality can go hand-in-hand.” Are you ready for this exclusive couture?

Herve Leger by Max Azria celebrates the female form with powerful apparel that appeals to the modern woman: the jetsetter, who’s ambitious, sensual, and athletic; the socialite, who’s glamorous and seductive; and the executive, who’s sophisticated and elegant. For summer 2015, look for tonal intensity on Herve Leger’s iconic silhouette. Bright jewel tones are accented with cutaways and metallic finishes for dramatic sensuality.

Accessorize Your Mom for Mother’s Day

Spring has sprung in the Triad, and what better way to celebrate than with some springtime accessories: just in time for Mother’s Day! So what’s on trend this spring? Look below for some great gift ideas to remind mom of how special she is to you.

Statement Earrings: These aren’t your everyday studs! Statement earrings are big, showy, and a lot of fun. But how do you keep them from looking over the top? Tone down everything around them. This is especially pertinent for other jewelry; if your earrings are the centerpiece of your outfit, skip the necklace and bracelet. The same goes for your clothes; statement earrings are a perfect addition for a little black dress, where the dress won’t take attention away from the earrings.

Flats: Flats, thank heavens, are back in style. Mom doesn’t need to murder her feet in stilettos, and neither do you. Mules, cut-outs, gladiators? Pastels, brights, or just plain black? All options are available this season. Embrace the comfort and the style!

Chokers: Last seen in the ‘90s, this versatile accessory is making a comeback for 2015. Some chokers are true to their name, with a dog-collar look for the extremely fashion-forward. But others are lighter and more subtle, with styles that imitate tattoos or make use of ribbons, leather cords, or nautical rope. Like longer necklaces, they come in a variety of styles, from casual to red-carpet. Which style is best for your mom?

Handbags: A woman can never have too many handbags: especially when designers keep coming out with such enticing ones! This spring, the bucket bag gets an update with cutouts, exotic leathers, and interesting ties. A bucket bag holds all your mom’s stuff, so it’s always a good bet. If mom (or you) needs a smaller bag, think floral this spring; clutches and other small bags are in bloom! A new shape is also in style: the vertical bag. From casual to evening, the clean lines of this rectangular bag add style to any outfit.



Back-to-School Fall Fashion Trends

What’s Trendy this Fall?

Students are already heading back to school, and whether you are in high school or 2014 fall trendscollege, hitting the books is a lot more fun with new fall outfits.

As a grown-up, fashion’s fall season is your symbolic first day. It’s the perfect way to motivate yourself for work after the lazy days of summer come to an end.

As summer winds down, 2014 fall fashion trends are already hitting the stores, and Nitsa’s has a variety of new clothing and accessories to get you back to school—or work—in style.

Here are five hot trends for fall:

  • Denim — Who doesn’t remember getting a new pair of jeans to head back to school? Whether they’re skinny, straight, boot-cut, or boyfriend, a great pair of jeans never goes out of style. And if you think denim on denim is a fashion don’t, this year it’s not—pairing fall’s new washed-denim shirts with jeans is definitely a fashion DO, but the look needs to be very intentional and shouldn’t match. Trends for denim this fall are less crisp than in the past and include more washed-out styles and patchwork denim.
  • 60s mod — Think Twiggy or Mad Men but with a modern take. Sixties mod styles like mini dresses and little shift dresses are hot this fall.
  • Pastels — Usually when you think of pastels, you think of spring, but this year soft, feminine colors can add a pop to your wardrobe in winter pieces such as coats and sweaters.
  • 90s Throwback — Relive the 90s with fall’s urban streetwear looks. Nineties throwback styles this season are not extreme (no parachute pants here!) but include lots of worn-in overalls and denim mixed with athletic-inspired pieces.
  • Shorts — Shorts are the perfect transition from summer to fall, and this season’s trend is the boyfriend short—a slouchier, rolled-up version that can be dressed up with a blouse or cardigan and little booties or dressed down with a t-shirt and flats.




This Summer’s Fashion Trends

Trends this summer are just as hot as the weather. From in-your-face prints to intricate straps—and plenty of them—to old classics made new, fashion is anything but subtle this season. A few of our favorite trends from prints, swimsuits, and the tried-and-true classics.



No longer cool on just countertops and floors, marble is heating up closets this summer. From stone-age separates to rock-solid accessories, this earthy, chic print is an awesome addition to any summer ensemble.


From dresses with cut-outs to fabric with sleek, geometric lines, the trend this summer is more than a little graphic.The prints boast a mostly monochrome motif, making it easy to pair solids of any sort, whether a dress, skirt, or a killer pair of pumps.


Long Lines

The longline bikini is making a comeback this season. A little more concealed and completely classy, longlines come in all shapes and sizes—from retro balconets, to scalloped halters, to crop tops—and are certain to get along swimmingly in your closet.


Strappy lines that that go this way and that are a top bikini trend this season. From sporty, criss-crossed backs to sexy, multi-stringed bikini bottoms, and Grecian-draped tops, this season says the more straps something has, the better.


The White Shirt

The classic white button-down was reincarnated on this season’s runway. Asymmetrical cuts, embellishments, and collar detailing took this closet staple from traditional to terrific. Pair it with any befitting bottoms; this twist on an old classic is a blank slate.

Black and White

Black and white break out of their old patterns this summer, and you’ll see their familiar hues across almost every trend we’ve mentioned. From crop tops to color-blocked swimsuits, graphic to marble patterns, black and white is a standout this season.

Photo Source: fashionvibe.net

Spring Fashion Trends

 The Best Looks for Spring

The spring 2014 runways are full of dramatic contrasts and subtle additions. From classic color combos made new to silhouettes that transition to any season, there are so many flattering looks for spring 2014. We’ll share some of our favorites in this article, and some that you can find in our Winston-Salem junior department, Fashionista.

Style Trends

Wide Leg Trousers

Even if you’re not six feet tall, you can still pull off these breezy bottoms. If you’re on the shorter side, opt for less flare and a higher waist to lengthen your frame.

The Midiskirt

Between a mini and a maxi, this tea-length skirt is a fun option for spring. Pair with a crop top to counter the full skirt, and to add height.

Boxy, Cropped Jackets

Think your favorite fall biker jacket, but in a lighter fabric with endless options of prints and textures. This spring’s revision on your wardrobe staple looks great paired with a body-con dress, tailored trousers, even your favorite jeans.

Color Trends

Black and White

This classic combo goes from spring to summer seamlessly this season. Color-block with a black top and white bottoms (or vice versa) or go with a black-and-white print. No matter which way you choose to wear it, black and white is a winner.


Muted blush, mint, violet, and blue graced the runway this spring, offering a cool look for warm weather. We’re loving this icy blue, ombre cape from Fashionista in Winston-Salem paired with white or dark denim jeans.

Pops of Pink

Accents of pink are the perfect way to soften this spring’s edgier looks. Pair a pink blouse or pink pleated skirt with navy, khaki, white, or black—it accents just about anything perfectly. We love the touch of pink in a geometric-print tee and this pink polka dotted scarf; they both add the perfect amount of femininity.