Ladies Who Lead: Rachel Hoeing

Rachel Hoeing, co-founder of Triad Moms On Main, is known in Winston and all over the Triad for the website she runs with friend and partner, Katie Mooseburger—Triad Moms on Main.  At Triad Moms on Main, Rachel, Katie, and other guest bloggers share their words of wisdom on parenting and life in the Triad.  As Rachel was being outfitted and was waiting to be photographed, we chatted with her about her life as a mother and as a female small business owner and community leader.

To keep her popular website running, Rachel works full time seeking out guest bloggers,

Ladies Who Lead - Rachel Hoeing

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managing her sales team, promoting local events and businesses, and most importantly, sharing the ups and downs of motherhood with others. The blog’s topics include food, shopping, local events, parks and recreation, education, travel, family, and a just-for-moms section.  Rachel believes in sharing stories with one another, as the tagline of the site suggests “Parenthood can be the mother of all rides. So why travel alone?”

Though her company is very successful, work is not at the center of her life. She says that although she has many goals, “being the best home-maker, wife, and  parent that I can be has certainly moved to the top of my list.” The importance of family in her life was emphasized when her parents passed away and she realized “just how much they truly did influence [her].”  To give to her children as much as her parents gave her is what she wants to achieve most.

Her mother is also the driving force behind her support of Teal Toes for Ovarian Cancer ( Her mother battled with Ovarian cancer for years, and now Rachel advocates for this organization that encourages women to paint their toes teal, especially during the month of September, to raise awareness for the disease that 14,500 women die from each year.  “…Unfortunately it is not easy to detect… and we don’t hear much about this type of cancer.  I pray daily that we will someday find a cure.”

The focus of her life is then on her husband, Kevin, and children, Jake (9) and Anna (7).  But when she’s not spending time with her family or at work, you’ll probably find her enjoying a favorite guilty pleasure: Bravo TV. “If it’s not on Bravo, I am probably not watching it.” Or… apparently… beat boxing “I think I can beat box.  Everyone else probably thinks I am spitting in the microphone.”

Thank you Rachel for sharing your time with us and being a Lady Who Leads in the community!

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