Head Case – Which Veil Best Suits Your Style

Fashionable Wedding Veils

Whether you flip a sheen of tulle, or place a birdcage just so, the moment you put on your veil you truly become a bride. It is the last step before you walk down the aisle, and arguably, the second most significant part of bridal attire (after your dress, of course). Still, a traditional veil is not for every bride. That’s why we’ve compiled a collection of traditional, indie, and contemporary headpieces so no matter how you adorn your head, you will be a beautiful bride.

If you were in awe of Kate Middleton in the Royal Wedding, this is the style for you. Long, romantic and full of elegance, a traditional veil is perfect for the classic bride. The
traditional veil is often made of tulle and its length can vary from Cathedral (extending past the gown) to Fingertip (reaching to your fingertips). The longer style conveys formality and pairs well with night or black-tie weddings. A long veil also calls for a floor-length dress, and traditionally, a more full style, such as a ball gown or A-line shape.

If you can’t stand the idea of hearing the wedding march or having rose petals showering wedding veils to fit your personalitythe aisle, you may be a modern bride. An indie-chic alternative to the traditional veil is a tulle wrap. This “veil” is a large length of tulle tied around headband-style, with the excess falling to one side like a ponytail. Another less common choice is the veil cap. The veil cap completely covers the top of the head in fabric and then falls to the back like a traditional veil. This style sends a vintage message and would best suit a dress with old fashioned flair.

Neither of the above quite tickle your fancy? Well here’s a happy medium between the  traditional and modern bride: A shorter veil, called a blusher, comes right to the chin and offers a less formal option for the semi-traditional bride. If you’re leaning more to the modern end of the spectrum, a birdcage veil is a funky vintage option that allows you to show off your personality with unique appliqués. The birdcage veil is very short, usually reaching only to just below the cheekbone and cradles the side of the face. These more casual styles are best for daytime weddings and form-fitting or tea-length dresses.


Photo: Veil cap from www.brideandchic.co.uk.