Bridesmaids’ Dresses for Fall 2015

They’re your best friends, your family, or your soon-to-be family. You’ve invited them to participate in one of the most important events of your life. They’re obviously very important to you, which raises a crucial question: what are they going to wear at your wedding?

At this year’s bridal fashion week, the focus wasn’t just on the woman in white; beautiful

Fall 2015 bridesmaids dresses

From the Jim Hjelm Fall 2015 Collection

bridesmaids’ dresses also had their turn on center stage. Here is what’s trending for fall 2015:

Trend #1: Tier it Up

In both long and short hemlines, softly flowing tiers graced the runway for this fall. Light layers of chiffon or silk give a soft, elegant look. Some dresses are constructed of all loose drapes, while others have more structure and a tiered accent on the bodice or neckline.

Trend #2: Peek-a-Boo Backs

When bridesmaids walk up the aisle, their backs are on full display to the seated guests. Why not dress them up a little? Dresses feature everything from keyhole cut-outs to full bare backs. Make sure to take your bridesmaids’ bra needs into account!

Trend #3: Sheer Elegance

If you want your bridesmaids to be a little sexy but not show too much skin, this year’s sheer details will do the trick. Try sheer fabrics at the neck, shoulders, back, and even arms. It’s the perfect answer for a wedding that requires a little extra modesty without feeling frumpy.

Trend #4: Go Grey

Grey is a sophisticated choice for bridesmaids’ dressing, combining industrial simplicity with feminine details. Look for soft fabrics like chiffon or romantic details like lace.

Trend #5: Go Glam

For a formal evening wedding, choose from many designers’ fit-and-flare styles in gemstone colors. The glamour of a bygone day will add a touch of class to your special night.

Head Case – Which Veil Best Suits Your Style

Fashionable Wedding Veils

Whether you flip a sheen of tulle, or place a birdcage just so, the moment you put on your veil you truly become a bride. It is the last step before you walk down the aisle, and arguably, the second most significant part of bridal attire (after your dress, of course). Still, a traditional veil is not for every bride. That’s why we’ve compiled a collection of traditional, indie, and contemporary headpieces so no matter how you adorn your head, you will be a beautiful bride.

If you were in awe of Kate Middleton in the Royal Wedding, this is the style for you. Long, romantic and full of elegance, a traditional veil is perfect for the classic bride. The
traditional veil is often made of tulle and its length can vary from Cathedral (extending past the gown) to Fingertip (reaching to your fingertips). The longer style conveys formality and pairs well with night or black-tie weddings. A long veil also calls for a floor-length dress, and traditionally, a more full style, such as a ball gown or A-line shape.

If you can’t stand the idea of hearing the wedding march or having rose petals showering wedding veils to fit your personalitythe aisle, you may be a modern bride. An indie-chic alternative to the traditional veil is a tulle wrap. This “veil” is a large length of tulle tied around headband-style, with the excess falling to one side like a ponytail. Another less common choice is the veil cap. The veil cap completely covers the top of the head in fabric and then falls to the back like a traditional veil. This style sends a vintage message and would best suit a dress with old fashioned flair.

Neither of the above quite tickle your fancy? Well here’s a happy medium between the  traditional and modern bride: A shorter veil, called a blusher, comes right to the chin and offers a less formal option for the semi-traditional bride. If you’re leaning more to the modern end of the spectrum, a birdcage veil is a funky vintage option that allows you to show off your personality with unique appliqués. The birdcage veil is very short, usually reaching only to just below the cheekbone and cradles the side of the face. These more casual styles are best for daytime weddings and form-fitting or tea-length dresses.


Photo: Veil cap from

Wedding Party Trends

A bride always looks best beside a well-dressed wedding party. With these fun trends, you’ll have your boys and besties looking awesome as they, too, walk down the aisle.mix and match bridesmaid dresses

For the Ladies

Pockets – Pockets have become a huge trend recently, found everywhere from sundresses to evening gowns. So, naturally bridesmaid dresses have followed suit. Though pockets may seem to be a casual touch, they won’t ruin an elegant design. In most cases, the pockets aren’t even visible—making them a secret and useful surprise. A pocket allows for essentials to be with your girls at all times. They’ll be picture perfect with their lip gloss on hand, and if the waterworks start during the ceremony, Aunt Judy doesn’t have to interrupt by handing over a box of tissues.

Pick-Your-Own Dresses – You likely have a variety of shapes, sizes, preferences, and needs in your wedding party. To satisfy them all, a popular trend is to let the bridesmaids pick their own dresses. The level of freedom the girls will have is completely up to you, ranging from sticking to a certain designer to requiring a common color palate.  The results can make for amazing pictures with depth, texture, and personality. For example, ladies in varying shades of purple will allude to the also popular ombre look. By going this route your maids can have fun, and you can relax in having one less decision to make.

For the Fellas

Suspenders – A dashing new trend that’s hitting reception dance floors everywhere is suspenders. Not only do they look dapper, but they’re a fun and exciting accessory for the boys to play with. With their Larry King impersonations and Great Gatsby-themed theatrics, the groomsmen will have all the ladies swooning. You may have to remind yourself to keep your eyes on only the groom! Let them go jacket-less in some of the pictures to show off their quirky, stylish straps.

Khakis with Jackets –These days weddings can be as formal or informal as you please. The mantra of tuxes as a must has been slightly subdued, and one is free to play with a number of groomsmen options. The khaki and blazer duo is a relaxed, but composed look making it perfect for a spring or summer wedding. The men will be cool in their lighter fabrics, and paired with a great tie (or suspenders!), the finished look will be oh-so handsome.

Though your wedding day is all about you, be sure to think about your wedding party’s comfort in your attire choices. When they’re comfortable in what they’re wearing, they will look more comfortable in photos… and what bride wants a Pouty Patty in the background.

Marisa Baratelli Trunk Show

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marisa baratelli mother of the bride

We have a whole list of dressing tips for mothers of brides and grooms here, but the long and the short of dressing for a spectacular social occasion is this: Find your shade and find your fit. Both have the ability to complement, or counteract, your color and body type.

Marisa Baratelli is an American-born designer who prides herself on crafting impeccable social occasion separates from hand-woven, Thai silk. Designed to make you look and feel beautiful from the inside out, we highly doubt you’ll have trouble finding the perfect ensemble at this event.

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