Hot Trends in Bridesmaid Dresses

What’s Hot in Bridesmaid Dresses?

Forget taffeta, bubblegum pink, and poufy sleeves – those styles of bridesmaid dresses are a thing of the past. Current trends in bridesmaid dresses are chic and flattering for all body types.

You’ve selected special women to be your attendants so you should choose dresses that make them feel special. Here are a few of the latest bridesmaid dress trends that are hot right now:

  • Bold and vibrant colors – No more “blush and bashful” pinks or pea greens – when it comes to selecting a color for your bridesmaid’s gowns, think bold and vivid hues like plum, fuchsia, coral, or even bright yellow.
  • Short and Sassy — Rethink tea-length and longer dresses and go for shorter styles, in above-the-knee flattering lengths.
  • One-shoulder dresses – The latest trend is asymmetrical details like one-shoulder long or short dresses.
  • Mismatched gowns– Who says all your bridesmaids have to look exactly the same? Your bridesmaids will appreciate picking out dresses that flatter their body types. You can choose one color in different styles or chose varying shades of one color.

    Hot Trends for Bridesmaids Dresses

    Bride Kayla Olsen looks stunning in her wedding gown from Nitsa’s and her mismatched bridesmaids dresses really complete the look!
    Photo by: Audrey Snow of Audrey Snow Photography

  • Lace – Lace dresses or details add a touch of romance and interest to a monochromatic gown.
  • Pretty backs – Just like trends in wedding gowns, designers are focusing more on the back view in bridesmaid dresses. Details like keyhole, illusion, and gorgeous ruffled backs are all hitting the bridesmaid dress scene.
  • Two-tone – Black and white two-toned looks are modern and an interesting twist on monochromatic styles. And a classic look that your girls might actually wear again!

Choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses is a notoriously hard task but by incorporating some of these ideas, you can select a dress that will make your attendants look fresh and modern. Your bridesmaids will thank you!

Wedding Party Trends

A bride always looks best beside a well-dressed wedding party. With these fun trends, you’ll have your boys and besties looking awesome as they, too, walk down the aisle.mix and match bridesmaid dresses

For the Ladies

Pockets – Pockets have become a huge trend recently, found everywhere from sundresses to evening gowns. So, naturally bridesmaid dresses have followed suit. Though pockets may seem to be a casual touch, they won’t ruin an elegant design. In most cases, the pockets aren’t even visible—making them a secret and useful surprise. A pocket allows for essentials to be with your girls at all times. They’ll be picture perfect with their lip gloss on hand, and if the waterworks start during the ceremony, Aunt Judy doesn’t have to interrupt by handing over a box of tissues.

Pick-Your-Own Dresses – You likely have a variety of shapes, sizes, preferences, and needs in your wedding party. To satisfy them all, a popular trend is to let the bridesmaids pick their own dresses. The level of freedom the girls will have is completely up to you, ranging from sticking to a certain designer to requiring a common color palate.  The results can make for amazing pictures with depth, texture, and personality. For example, ladies in varying shades of purple will allude to the also popular ombre look. By going this route your maids can have fun, and you can relax in having one less decision to make.

For the Fellas

Suspenders – A dashing new trend that’s hitting reception dance floors everywhere is suspenders. Not only do they look dapper, but they’re a fun and exciting accessory for the boys to play with. With their Larry King impersonations and Great Gatsby-themed theatrics, the groomsmen will have all the ladies swooning. You may have to remind yourself to keep your eyes on only the groom! Let them go jacket-less in some of the pictures to show off their quirky, stylish straps.

Khakis with Jackets –These days weddings can be as formal or informal as you please. The mantra of tuxes as a must has been slightly subdued, and one is free to play with a number of groomsmen options. The khaki and blazer duo is a relaxed, but composed look making it perfect for a spring or summer wedding. The men will be cool in their lighter fabrics, and paired with a great tie (or suspenders!), the finished look will be oh-so handsome.

Though your wedding day is all about you, be sure to think about your wedding party’s comfort in your attire choices. When they’re comfortable in what they’re wearing, they will look more comfortable in photos… and what bride wants a Pouty Patty in the background.