Wedding Planning – It’s All About Timing

The big things are easy: Deciding on a budget, making the guest list, and finding a venue are all things your mind immediately gravitates to when planning your big day. But amid the obvious, there are smaller, less obvious tasks that need to be done—and need to be done at

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the appropriate time. From when to send out Save the Dates and invitations, to the final dress fitting, we’ll fill you in on when some of these lesser known to-dos are well, due.

Save the Dates and Invitations

As a general rule, invitations are sent six to eight weeks prior to your wedding day, with the RSVP postmark set for three weeks from the date the invitations were posted. If you choose to send Save the Date cards out to ensure guests will keep the date free on their calendars, you’ll want to send these out six to seven months before the wedding.

The Final Fitting

You’ll have several fittings over the course of your dress’ alterations, with the final one scheduled no sooner than one month from your wedding day. We suggest scheduling one for the week of your wedding day as well just in case you gain or lose stress weight; you can always cancel this should the dress fit perfectly one month out and your weight be staying fairly consistent.

Wear Your Wedding Shoes

It seems so obvious, to wear your wedding shoes before the big day. Yet, with the flurry of activity and the shoes tucked neatly away in a box alongside more-easily-wearable accessories, sometimes brides forget to break them in beforehand, and the results aren’t pretty. Put it on your calendar to start wearing your shoes—around the house or on unsoiled pavement, if necessary, to roughen the bottoms—a week or two before wedding day. Several sessions in your shoes and they’ll fit like a glove day-of.




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