What Are the Spring 2015 Fashion Trends?

After a harsh winter spent bundled in heavy layers and down coats, the weather is finally starting to warm up, and that means it’s time to start thinking about spring. Break out those sandals and sundresses and plan to do a little shopping to add some of the latest spring fashion trends to your wardrobe.

Here’s a list of some of the top spring trends and wardrobe must-haves fashion experts are seeing for 2015.

Color: Color is making a bold statement for spring. Bright whites, blushes, pastels, olive green, and black and white are popular this season. Yellow also is very popular for this spring as well as shades of red and orange. Floral patterns were big on fashion runways this year in everything from tops and pants to dresses and scarves.

Styles: The Bohemian look is very on-trend right now with clothing featuring fringe, headbands, embroidered patches, and feathers. This look is very eclectic with a 1970s vibe in prints and colors. Crochet, flesh tones, lace, and floral make for a very feminine look. Sheen and shine, sequins, and metallic foil finishes will be everywhere as well as embroidery and jeweled trims. Asian patterns are also trending with pajama and kimono shapes seen a lot.

Must-haves: Maxi dresses are a must-have for your spring wardrobe. This style is typically a floor-length sundress and comes in solids, prints, and florals. Another item that is hot this year is Bermuda shorts. In between a crop pant and shorts, Bermuda shorts hit right above the knee and can be dressed up or down. Tunics, wide-leg trousers, layering shirts, and woven tops are other must-haves.

Shoes: Look for metallic and neutral combinations for spring footwear. Sandals, wedges, and flats are still popular and stylish with sandals that are reminiscent of the ankle boots that were popular this fall. Gladiator sandals remain trendy as well as loafers with a square toe.

Accessories: Belts will be everywhere, whether wide or skinny, and are best worn with a dress. Layered necklaces and fringe are also trendy this season.

Happy spring shopping!

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