April Showers… Unexpected Wedding Changes

Though they say that it’s good luck, no bride wants to see rain on her wedding day. We can’t help you turn rain into shine, but we can offer you some tips for making an air-tight rain plan, and for weathering a wedding-day storm.

If you’re getting married in a church or indoors, a rain plan may still be necessary to get you from the room you’re waiting in to the ceremony site; however, it will be much less involved, and it’s something your day-of coordinator can easily accomplish last minute, if necessary. However, if your plans are to get married outdoors, a rain plan is essential. Three things that will help both logistically and emotionally:

Have a covered option.

Plenty of brides get married outside, but it’s important to have a covered option should the skies open up on your big day. When you’re choosing a venue, ask if they have a space for you to move the ceremony if it should rain. Depending on the size of your wedding, a room, an outdoor pavilion, or a gazebo could all be viable alternates.

Get your mind ready.

Possibly the hardest part of making a rain plan is wrapping your mind around the reality that your ceremony may not look just as you’ve planned and envisioned for months. One thing that will help you cope is committing to your decision, both verbally and emotionally. Once you’ve agreed to the rain plan, let go of everything that won’t be, and focus on the fact that you’re still getting married to the love of your life—whether that’s outdoors or inside.

Write it down.

It will be stressful enough to let go of the way you’ve dreamed your ceremony would be, but add in the confusion of last-minute communication with your vendors and you have a recipe for disaster. Once you’ve made a rain plan, write down alternate directions for all your vendors. That way, if you have to make a game-time decision, your vendors need only to hear what you’ve decided, and then they have their marching orders.

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