Healthy Choices & Sustainability

Carmen Gorniak, DieticianAtlanta Vending values the health and fitness of our clients, and we support those values by providing a program (featuring nutritional guidelines) that stresses making healthy food choices along with practicing an active lifestyle.

The Right Choice for a Healthier You™ program was developed (and is managed) by staff dietician, Carmen Gorniak, RD, CD. She has developed “per serving” nutritional guidelines for three categories: entrees, beverages, and snacks.

Healthier food selections are identified in our machines with the heart/apple sticker, for easy recognition.

We have also taken steps to help our clients reduce their carbon footprints through our Right Choice for EarthTM program. There are three key components of this program:

  • Energy reduction through the use of innovative lighting and more efficient heating and cooling systems, including the use of ENERGY STAR-compliant equipment in vending areas.
  • Promoting opportunities to reuse, reduce, and recycle
  • Using delivery and routing systems that lower our fuel consumption

This is the right choice to make for you, for us, and for the earth.