Coffee and Water Services

Office Coffee Services

Choosing Atlanta Vending to provide your office coffee service means you can count on having the freshest, most flavorful coffee available. Dispensed from equipment that is cleaned and sanitized at each service by your route person,  you can always enjoy our premium coffee at its peak level of freshness.

Through our affiliation with USConnect, we are proud to offer its signature brand of coffee: Route 66™, custom-roasted coffees with a variety of blends for each taste. From the sunny shores of California, to the big-city flavor of Chicago, our Route 66™ coffees will magically transport you from your desk to some of the most notable places (and flavors) of our great country.

These are our private-label, Route 66 coffees:

  • St. Louis Breakfast Blend
  • Sonoran Desert Decaf
  • Chicago Dark Roast
  • Rocky Mountain Blend (100% Columbian)
  • California Blonde Light Roast

Route 66 Coffees are available in fraction packs (brews 12 cups), in urn packs, vending packs of both whole bean and ground, and in retail packs for micro markets. A single cup product is in development.

In addition to this premium coffee, we offer other fine coffees and teas that are sure to satisfy everyone’s taste preferences.


Filtered Water Service

The foundation of an excellent cup of coffee is pure water. Cities treat their water supplies with chlorine to achieve an acceptable level of purity for their citizens, but the chlorine in the water can combine with phenols in coffee to form chlorophenol, which is not harmful to humans but can cause an unpleasant medicinal taste in coffee. 

Atlanta Vending recommends that their customers install one of our first-rate water filtration systems to filter your own water and eliminate the need to continue to purchase the traditional five gallon water containers. Our water filtration systems provide hot and cold water and can be easily installed by our service technician who only needs access to a cold water line and an electrical outlet. The filtration units are available in white or black.

We schedule filter changes (once a year) and charges for maintenance and the annual filter change are included in the quarterly rental price.

It makes sense to use filtration to provide for the best tasting, delicious coffee and water to drink without unusual tastes, odors, or colors.